Blogging Business

Below you can find links to the posts that cover business, marketing and blogging tips, tricks and experiences.

While I'm absolutely no expert in the field of marketing, I share my own experience on all kinds of business and blog related issues in my blog posts. You never know who might learn from my experiences (and mistakes ;-).

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Why small business owners can benefit from having a blog 

How Google+ can help you grow your blog

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2015 - Another year in business - the ups & downs 

Why it is important to update old blog posts 

Setting Boundaries in My Business  - Part I

Setting Boundaries in My Business - Part II

Setting Boundaries in My Business - Part III

Experiences with sidebar advertising - Part I 

Experiences with sidebar advertising - Part II 

How to create a watermark for your blog post images

How to add a newsletter subscription pop up screen to your website

The importance of updated blog pages

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