January 15, 2020

The art of writing

Have you ever dreamed of writing book? I did, years ago, but I have since then come to the conclusion that when it comes to creativity, graphic and visual design is more my thing. It was probably the romantic idea I had about writing that appealed to me, alone behind a typewriter, with a hot cup of tea, pouring my heart and soul unto a piece of paper. Well, I'm definitely not going to be then next Jane Austen or J.K. Rowling, but I have learned that practising writing is both fun and good for overall creativity.

Since September I have been attending a story writing course together with my son. It was actually his idea, he definitely has serious writing aspirations and wanted to explore them and learn some more skills and techniques. Although my son is already a young adult (he's 20) he suffers from autism which makes it difficult for him to function in social settings and to travel anywhere on his own. So the plan was that I would join him for the first lesson of the course (that was a free sample lesson for people that were interested) and if he liked it I would sign him up and take him to and from his lessons.

Well, of course things never go the way you plan them, do they? So the first lesson ended and the teacher tells us that the amount of students that showed up for the first lesson is the exact minimum amount that was needed to get the course started. This meant that if I did not sign up myself for the course, the course would not go through and my son would miss out on a great opportunity to have a hobby outside of the home. We all know that parents go above and beyond for their kids, don't they? So I signed up for the course as well and surprisingly I have not regretted that decision.

While I have no plans of writing a book or novel, I am learning some writing techniques that I can use in all kinds of situations where I need to put words on paper. And not only on paper, blogging is definitely a form of writing as well. Besides learning techniques and skills, the homework that we get each time forces me to use my brain in a different creative way than I am used to and I bet that is very healthy for my grey matter ;-)

The course is in Dutch, but since my son hopes to write his first novel in English, he has also joined an online writing course in English. This course is actually more like a platform where you can talk to and share ideas with other students and where you can join live events with the American writer Jerry Jenkins. He is the owner of this platform that is called The Writer's Guild. While the platform is a payed-for service, Jerry's Website & Blog have a ton of tips and articles to help you on your writing journey.

After having been on a writing course myself now for some months I think it is an excellent way to improve blogging skills as well. So if you are a blogger, you might want to explore some new writing techniques and ideas by joining an online or local writing course. Most courses will cost money so if you need to keep an eye on your expenses you can start by following the blogs and articles about writing for inspiration. I have gathered a few of them in the list below:

• of course Jerry Jenkins's Blog

Wishing you lots of creative writing & blogging inspiration!

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