March 24, 2020

Offering free logo designs in a time of trouble

First, I hope that you are still healthy and well. This whole situation with the Corona virus and lock downs has turned life upsite down for many of us. After a press conference last night of our prime minister it looks like the Netherlands is having at least some form of lock down till June 1st. New announcements about the situation will be made when necessary. It's just an unreal situation. On one hand I get it, we need to make sure our health care system can deal with the number of patients they are caring for, on the other hand it's a challenge for most people to be mostly housebound for such long period of time.

I've been personally affected by the situation since both my parents (they are 70 years old) contracted the virus. My dad seems to be doing okay, but my mom has been ill for 5 weeks now. They have both been in a hospital in Spain (they were on vacation) for over a week with a pneumonia and respiratory problems and now back at home my mom is still not doing well. Needless to say these are difficult times, especially since I can't visit them. Thank God for FaceTime ;-)

As if worries about the physical health of people aren't enough, we will all be facing the economical consequences these lock downs will have. People might lose their jobs or go bankrupt if they are self employed and their business has been shut down due to the lock downs. It's just awful.


But instead of feeling helpless and depressed, maybe we could think of ways how to help build society up again once this is over. With that in mind I started thinking about what I could do to help. Since I will be home even more than usual I have decided to start offering my design services to people that need a (new) logo for their small business. Building up ones business after this whole Corona virus time will be hard enough and I can imagine that a lot of small business owners can't make a huge investment in logo and branding design at such a time. Therefore I am offering my logo design skills for free till the end of May.


Basically any small business owner may apply for a free logo design. Whether you are a photographer, have a coaching business or sell handmade products, if you think a (new) logo can benefit your business during and after these difficult times you can reach out to me.


If you would like me to design a custom logo for your small business, please get in touch with me via

I would love to hear from you why you could use a logo design and what your business is all about.

I will get back to you as soon as possible with a questionnaire you have to fill in so that I can get a good idea of what you would like to see in your logo design and for which purposes you would need the logo.



I will dedicate a couple of hours each day to these free logo designs. I estimate that I can help out around 15 to 20 people till the end of May. I will make a schedule on a first-come-first-serve base so I can let you know when I can start the designing process for your logo.

In case I get more than 15-20 applications I will put the people that reach out to me after those first 15-20 applications on a reserve list. If there is room for me to do more or I decide to extend the period after the end of May I will put you on my schedule.

As a designer I have worked with small business owners that hired me because they liked my feminine designs that often hold watercolor elements in them. I am posting a couple of pictures below of the logos I have made for clients in the past so you can get an idea of what my design style is. It is important that it appeals to you. Of course, after filling in the questionnaire we will discuss your wishes and ideas for a logo and what I can and can not deliver.

The free service only applies to 1 logo design. Based on the answers in your questionnaire I will make 3 draft versions for you and we will fine tune the one you like most into your final logo design. Please understand that since this is a free service and I will be serving other clients as well I can not offer limitless revisions. A maximum of 3 rounds of revisions is allowed after picking out you favorite draft version.

Also, I am only offering free LOGO designs. Business card designs, social media banners and full branding packages do not fall into that category. When you receive your final logo files from me you will be able to create these items yourself with the tutorials you find on this website:

Let's make the best of this time together! I would love to hear from you and when you have a free service to offer yourself please share it with us all in the comment section!

~ love, Daphne

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March 20, 2020

A fairytale freebie in these times of darkness

Hi guys & girls! Are you also stuck at home for most of the time because of the regulations around the Corona virus? Here in the Netherlands we don't have a total lock down yet, but we are asked to stay and work at home as much as possible and to only go out in public if really necessary. Since I work from home anyways, my life hasn't drastically changed since the virus entered our country. My kids still live at home but are young adults who can keep themselves busy, so I am not stuck at home with young school kids that need entertainment and home education.

I realize that I am in a very fortunate situation. My husband has an office job and is able to work most of his hours from home as well. So we are good. But my heart goes out to all the people that work in health care, other forms of care, first response jobs, shop personel and all other people in jobs that need to be done outside the safety of home. My heart also goes out to all the people that have already lost their income and/or jobs because of this situation, and all the people that will face a huge financial burden because of this sitation. And last, but not least, all the people that are sick or have a loved one sick or in some cases even deceased already from this virus, my heart goes out to you!

I hope we will all be able to keep hope and help each other out if needed. Society and the world might change because of this, but change can be positive, so let's focus on that.

To share a little positivity myself with my blog readers, I am sharing 3 free clipart images. What's not positive about fairy cakes, right? You can use the clipart images for your personal creative projects, maybe get creative with the kids that you might have at home all day long now, but you may also use them commercially. Print them on T-shirts, mugs and other items, create card designs or other printables with them and make some money with it. Wishing all of you love and light in times like these! 

~ Love, Daphne

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January 15, 2020

The art of writing

Have you ever dreamed of writing book? I did, years ago, but I have since then come to the conclusion that when it comes to creativity, graphic and visual design is more my thing. It was probably the romantic idea I had about writing that appealed to me, alone behind a typewriter, with a hot cup of tea, pouring my heart and soul unto a piece of paper. Well, I'm definitely not going to be then next Jane Austen or J.K. Rowling, but I have learned that practising writing is both fun and good for overall creativity.

Since September I have been attending a story writing course together with my son. It was actually his idea, he definitely has serious writing aspirations and wanted to explore them and learn some more skills and techniques. Although my son is already a young adult (he's 20) he suffers from autism which makes it difficult for him to function in social settings and to travel anywhere on his own. So the plan was that I would join him for the first lesson of the course (that was a free sample lesson for people that were interested) and if he liked it I would sign him up and take him to and from his lessons.

Well, of course things never go the way you plan them, do they? So the first lesson ended and the teacher tells us that the amount of students that showed up for the first lesson is the exact minimum amount that was needed to get the course started. This meant that if I did not sign up myself for the course, the course would not go through and my son would miss out on a great opportunity to have a hobby outside of the home. We all know that parents go above and beyond for their kids, don't they? So I signed up for the course as well and surprisingly I have not regretted that decision.

While I have no plans of writing a book or novel, I am learning some writing techniques that I can use in all kinds of situations where I need to put words on paper. And not only on paper, blogging is definitely a form of writing as well. Besides learning techniques and skills, the homework that we get each time forces me to use my brain in a different creative way than I am used to and I bet that is very healthy for my grey matter ;-)

The course is in Dutch, but since my son hopes to write his first novel in English, he has also joined an online writing course in English. This course is actually more like a platform where you can talk to and share ideas with other students and where you can join live events with the American writer Jerry Jenkins. He is the owner of this platform that is called The Writer's Guild. While the platform is a payed-for service, Jerry's Website & Blog have a ton of tips and articles to help you on your writing journey.

After having been on a writing course myself now for some months I think it is an excellent way to improve blogging skills as well. So if you are a blogger, you might want to explore some new writing techniques and ideas by joining an online or local writing course. Most courses will cost money so if you need to keep an eye on your expenses you can start by following the blogs and articles about writing for inspiration. I have gathered a few of them in the list below:

• of course Jerry Jenkins's Blog

Wishing you lots of creative writing & blogging inspiration!

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January 7, 2020

Share The Love - First Freebie of 2020

I haven't been very active on the blog last year, so my goal for 2020 is to be a little bit more present here with articles, personal business experiences and freebies of course! It's about time to share the creative love again with my readers!

So for this very first freebie episode of the new year I am sharing two digital backgrounds with you all. They can be used for printables, like scrapbook paper, cards, posters etc. but they may also be used as a digital background, for social media, on blogs and websites and every other way you can think of to use them. The size of them is 3600 x 3600 pixels (this equals 12 x 12 inch) and both backgrounds are high resolution images (300 dpi).

I think I would decribe them as dreamy night time sceneries with some shimmer. Did you know that all my products, whether you bought them from one of my webshops or you downloaded them as a freebie from this blog, may be used commercially as well? You may even use my products to sell on print-on-demand sites like Redbubble, Society6 and Zazzle. So these scenery backgrounds could be turned into makeup bags, mug decoration, cushions, towels and shower curtains if you want. Just let your imagination run free and have fun creating!

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January 2, 2020

The Dutch Lady Designs - Business Happenings 2019

A happy New Year to all my readers! I hope that 2020 will be filled with joy, love, laughter and health for you and your loved ones and that it will also be a year full of creative inspiration! I usually look back on another year in business in December, but as it happens, I did not have time for it then so I thought I would kick of the new year on my blog The Dutch Lady business happenings 2019. So let's see what it brought me, which decisions I took and what the plans for 2020 will be.


After being in business as a small graphic design company since February 2014 I can definitely say that as far as revenue goes, 2019 was the bomb! My business was still growing this year and it showed in the financial numbers. Of course that is very exciting and I am ever so grateful for it, but I have to say that the biggest part of that revenue was made in the first half year. This means that in the last six month something happened that stopped that growth. More on that in the next paragraph. Despite the decline in growth in the second half, I am still very happy with the results and I will do my best to keep it up in 2020.


As many of you know I started out selling my products first on Etsy, opening both my Etsy stores in 2014. One store was dedicated to clipart and printable papers and the other one started out as a blog and logo store. While my clipart shop did very well in 2019, the other one was giving me a hard time. Visits and views were down resulting in less sales and revenue and customers seemed to be getting more demanding.

From what I understood from Etsy's company results the platform itself was making a bigger profit and attracting more buyers, but the competition on Etsy also went up. I heard there are now around 2.5 million Etsy shops, so it gets harder to stand out in the crowd. Other complaints amongst Etsy sellers were the pushing of free shipping of products, allowing shops with mass produced items from Asia and introducing Artificial Intelligence (AI) in their search system.

While the free shipping subject does not affect me since I sell digital items I can see how the other two do. With introducing mass produced items on their site Etsy is becoming more like Amazon, Alibaba and Ebay. It's not the platform it used to be where artists and creatives could sell their own handmade (physical or digital) products. A platform where one could find one-of-a-kind items made with love. Sellers that still offer these kind of products have a hard time competing with sellers that sell a similar mass produced product for a much lower price. While I do not have to compete with mass produce item shops I think that the direction Etsy is going in is starting to attract another kind of customer, and that is definitely affecting me as well.

In an effort to improve their search system, Etsy introduced Artificial Intelligence (AI) in their search algorithm. You would think that would improve things, but so far it has done the opposite. They did admit that things were not working perfect and they are still working on it, but these kind of changes have an affect on business, and for a lot of sellers that meant less views and visits from potential customers.


To be honest, Etsy was not entirely to blame for the lack of revenue growth in the second half of the year. I myself made a decision that immediately had an impact on my revenue. After thinking long and hard about it I decided halfway through the year to stop selling my Blogger Templates and just this last November I also stopped selling logo designs. It were hard decisions, since both products were selling really well and I knew I would disappoint a lot of my clients, but it's not only revenue that creates business success and joy for me. So let me explain my decisions.

When you sell blog or website layouts people automatically assume that you know every in and out of web design and coding. I am first and foremost a graphic designer, not a web designer. The features that clients were asking to have incorporated in my premade templates were just too much for me to create. Couple that with some big changes that Google was making that directly affected my Blogger templates and my mind was made up. In my opinion I was no longer able to give my clients the kind of product and advice to deliver a superb service. So in June I took all Blogger templates out of the shop and continued selling logos and Adobe Photoshop templates.

In November I had to make another big decision. I decided it was time to let go of logo design. The competition for logo design on Etsy is huge, resulting in designers selling their designs for only a few dollars just to get a sale or be noticed. I sold my premade logo designs for 15 Euros (around 16/17 US Dollars) and I still was able to attract quite a bit of clients, but people were becoming more and more demanding. Maybe due to the fact that nowadays you can find almost anything on Etsy for a couple of bucks.

Customers were often expecting me to customize my premade designs for them without paying extra for the customizations. In the end it just wasn't worth my time and energy anymore. I really felt bad for the nice customers that did respect my time and effort and came back time and time again for all kinds of design projects, but I just had to pull the plug. So with pulling the plug my logo revenue also went down the drain. But for me, happiness and joy in what I do is more important than revenue. Sometimes you just have to take decisions that drain the bank just to stop yourself from getting drained.


Luckily for me I also got the opportunity to expand my business on other selling platforms. I was already selling on Etsy, Creative Market, The Hungry JPEG, Design Bundles & Creative Fabrica, but in 2019 I started shops on three other venues as well:


These platforms are all pretty new, so the revenue from them is not that much yet, but things need time to grow. So I see my contribution to these platforms as an investment for the future. And speaking about investments: Lady Boss Biz Boutique donates 5% of every sale to Women's Charities. Giving girls and women in all parts of this world a chance to grow. I think that's just awesome!


With pulling the plug on Blogger templates and logo design the main focus for my business this year will be clipart, paper & background design and Adobe Photoshop templates for photographers and other creatives. I will be working on a lot of new designs and I hope to join at least one new platform in 2020 to sell my products. All my products will be premade designs and instant download items, I will no longer be available for custom design projects. But even with these changes I hope to make a lot of people happy with my designs!

Have a crazy creative 2020 and thanks for being a reader of my blog, it is much appreciated!

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