September 27, 2018

Sharing is Caring - Episode 3 - Free Printable Weekday Planner

On the cork board in my kitchen I have a monthly planner so that I have an overview of all the appointments for our family in a particular month. I like monthly planners, because when I still was using a weekly planner only, I often got unpleasantly surprised when I turned the pages and found out I had more to do in the upcoming week than I thought. The monthly overview gives me a better impression of what's coming up.

But the monthly planner does not leave much room to note the smaller stuff that has to be done on weekdays. Things like phoning the dentist to make an appointment, or putting a reminder down that I really have to take care of some administrative chore, or a note that I have to post a birthday card in time. I only put appointments on the monthly calendar and lately I began noticing that I was forgetting so much of the small stuff. It probably had to do with my daughter going off to college and the stress that came with that. In times of stress my brain suffers most and it all gets a bit foggy up there ;-) So I thought: why not create a weekday planner for myself so I can note all these small to do things on it and give my brain a break.

My work week is from Monday till Friday, I take the weekends off to focus more on my family and home, so for me I was in need of a planner for the week days. Once I had created it I thought: why not share it on the blog? Maybe I can help out others with it as well. So here it is, the printable weekday planner that hopefully will help you get all those small, but necessary things done. I have created two sizes: A4 size and US Letter size, and both come in a .JPEG file and a .PDF file.

I wish you lots of efficient planning!

And if you are more interested in a planner for the full week, from Monday till Sunday, then please check out the premade planner below that you will find in my Creative Market shop.

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