September 25, 2018

A new look for the website

Maybe you've noticed it already, especially when you visited the homepage, but The Dutch Lady Designs has a new website layout. And surprisingly enough it is not one of my own Blogger templates.

It was time for something really new and therefore I decided to go with a template from Pipdig. I worked with a template from this UK based design company before for my Wordpress blog and while I did not fall in love with the whole Wordpress thing, I got smitten with the template I was using. So I have purchased the same template I was using on Wordpress, but this one is made for Blogger.

The homepage is really the eyecatcher here and I had been looking to add some kind of a 'landing page' to my blog that would display a grid of the latest post images. With Blogger you just don't see that many well working templates that have this feature. But this one has and I'm so happy with it! The installation instructions that come with the template are very clear, but Pipdig even allows you to use their free installation service if you wish. The templates are a bit pricier than the premade Blogger templates you will find on Etsy, but sometimes it is just worth it to invest a little more in your blog and business.

Of course this new look will probably result in some emails from people with the request if I can design a similar blog for them with the landing page and photo grid. But I have to disappoint you all here. The fact that I sell premade Blogger templates does not mean that I am a brilliant web designer that can bring any idea to life in the virtual world. I am a graphic designer that knows enough about website coding that I can make a simple, basic Blogger template work.

In my premade designs the emphasis is on the (watercolor) graphics that are blended into the design to give an elegant, feminine look. The templates work very well, but are mainly targeted at women that want to write blog stories in the first place. The templates have a basic framework to which I add style features. You can see the framework of a website as a dressboy. I use the same dressboy for all my Blogger templates, but hang different clothes on each one to style them different ;-) In order to add a landing page or a slider that skeleton would have to be changed in a big way, and that is just not my forte.

So if you are looking for a Blogger template that can do a bit more than only show stories on the homepage, you might want to check out Pipdig, I highly recommend them. And welcome to the new looking The Dutch Lady Designs! It's always a pleasure to have you here.

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