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Calling out all photographers - I need your help

August 20, 2017

Recently I bought my first 'good' camera to start a bit of hobby photography. It's been on my mind forever to explore my creativity in that area. But while I hope to get better and better at it over time it is not my plan to ever start my own photography business. I just like to create graphic design to pay my bills. But, I do rely heavily on beautiful photography to show off my graphic design products, and that is the area where I would love to get some help from photographers.

If you have ever visited my Etsy shop and looked at some of the products, you may have noticed that I sell a lot of layered Photoshop designs for photography marketing purposes. You can think of gift certificate cards for photography businesses, price lists for photographers, logos/watermarks for photographers etc. To show off these products on Etsy I use beautiful photos that match the design I am creating. Potential clients need to know what the end product could look like if they decide to purchase it. Here are some examples:


Since I don't make such gorgeous photos myself, I am always looking for photos from other people that I can use. While I love sites like Unsplash it does not always have the images that I need for a product. So the question that I would like to ask to all photographers out there is: CAN I USE YOUR PHOTOS ON MY PRODUCT PHOTOS IN MY ETSY SHOP?

Of course you don't have to just give away your beautiful images with nothing in return. That would not be fair. So in return:

• I will always credit you at the top of my product information with your name and a link to your website
• and as long as I am allowed to use photos from your website you are allowed to get the products in my shop for free

So if you are in need of a photography logo, you can pick one out in my Etsy shop and I will create it for you, or if you want one of the gift card designs, you pick it out and I will send you the file via email. Should you need a blogger template, just pick out your favorite in my shop and I will send over the files.


I am mainly looking for photos that have people in them. So family photography, portrait photography, newborn photography, kids & teens photography, maternity photography, wedding photography and engagement photography.

And it is important that I have the option to download the photos straight from your website. I know a lot of photographers have disabled that option to prevent image theft, but I would need easy access to the images.

If you think you can help me out and agree to what I have to offer you in return (visible credits & free products from my shop), then please contact me via my email address daphnepopuliers@gmail.com.

Thanks so much in advance for reading this post and maybe considering this collaboration!