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A new way of helping clients set up their blogs

August 16, 2017

I see that it has been 10 months since I last posted something here. Time really flies by fast. But while I did not fill these pages with content I have been creating new stuff for my Etsy shops.

Etsy had a difficult period around March and April of this year. Sales were down for almost all sellers, they were performing a ton of tests on the site which made it hard for buyers and sellers to get a grip on things, and in the end a new CEO made his appearance. His mission: get Etsy out of the slumps and make it great again. My sales definitely suffered heavily during those Spring months, but last month, in July, sales started to pick up again. It became obvious that the new CEO was doing his best behind the scenes.

During the slow months I began putting more emphasis on Blogger layouts again and also introduced a new line of premade photography logos. The new Blogger templates and the logos gave me the boost I needed to feel confident again about selling on Etsy.

I am currently working with a premade Blogger template that has a lot of features that bloggers appreciate in a layout:

• it is mobile responsive
• it has a drop down menu style
• an integrated Instagram widget
• a related post gadget
• and several styled sidebar widgets

While creating more new templates, I found out that Blogger, once more, had changed some things. If you are a blogger on the Blogger platform yourself you may notice from time to time that the appearance of your Blogger dashboard changes. 

Most of the time these changes are really helpful for the blogger, but it created a lot more work for me. Up until recently my premade Blogger templates all came with a .PDF file with instructions how to set up the template, but due to the changes Blogger kept making I found myself constantly changing this instruction file. After changing the file I then had to upload it to each Blogger template product on Etsy. All in all this was keeping me pretty busy. So in the end I decided to change things for good.

Instead of sending out a .PDF file with instructions to my clients I gathered all the instructions in one website, accessible to everyone. This way I can easily change things in the instructions when needed (or when Blogger makes changes again to the dashboard) and it will be visible instantly for everyone.

If you are interested in purchasing one of my templates you can check out the instruction site over here. It will take you through all steps up of setting up your blog. The instructions come with over 40 screenshot images to give you visual guidance during the installation process and there is also a section included on FAQ's and troubleshooting. Honestly, I wonder why I didn't think of this before, it will be so much easier for me to keep the instructions up to date.

To celebrate this change I am having a Labor Day Sale from August 31 till September 4. On these days you will get a 50% discount on all the premade Blogger templates in my Etsy shop. Instead of $17.50 per template you will pay only $8.75. So be sure to mark those dates on your calendar when you are looking to start the new school/work year with a fresh, new blogger layout.

Wishing you all the best for the new school/work year ahead!