October 14, 2016

Starting a Wordpress Blog - An unexpected turn of events

I was actually ready to write the post on how to choose the best template for your Wordpress blog, but then an unexpected turn of events came up. So what happened? Well, I got so fed up with my Wordpress blog that I decided to continue the blog on Blogger...
October 12, 2016

Why setting boundaries for custom work is necessary

As an entrepreneur, offering custom graphic design work via Etsy I often check out other entrepreneurs on Etsy that offer similar products. Looking at the competition can bring up negative feelings like jealousy or not feeling competent enough, but I try to use it to my advantage and get new ideas and inspiration out of it. One of the areas I mos…
October 3, 2016

Your blogging is worth more than a free T-shirt

I had actually planned to share another part of the Wordpress Blog Series that I am writing, but this weekend I read a blog post from one of the bloggers I follow and she touched on a subject that is so important for all of us bloggers that I need to share this with all of you.