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Where to find beautiful fonts for free

September 3, 2016

free design fonts

With putting my focus more on logos again, came the search for beautiful fonts. Whether it is a business logo, a blog header or a digital signature, today's women seem to want that 'handmade' feeling in their design. And I completely understand that because I have fallen for these calligraphy type script fonts as well. Some elegant, some edgy, there is always a font to be found that matches our personality or the personality of our business and blog.

As a designer I need to have a substantial collection of fonts to meet the wishes of my clients, but building such a collection can be a pricey business. These fonts are all designed with love and care by other designers and they should be compensated for their work and effort. While I do use free fonts I don't mind paying for a nice design either.

free design font


There are a lot of websites that offer free fonts, but if you are really looking for those handwritten style calligraphy fonts you often end up on designer sites such as Creative Market or The Hungry JPEG. Here you can purchase these fonts directly from the designer. A single font design will cost somewhere between $12 and $25 and if you keep updated on these sites there is often the possibility to purchase multiple fonts in a bundle, which saves lots and lots of money.

But what if you just want to try out a font, or you are a creative person who needs a beautiful font for a one time personal use? Maybe to create your own blog header, to create a card design or a wedding invitation. Then it would be nice to at least have the option to try before you buy. And just a few months ago I found a website that does just that!

free design font


That website is called BeFonts and lets you download all kinds of beautiful fonts in free versions. With those calligraphy style script fonts this often means that you can download a demo version of the font to play around with, but that all the extras like those gorgeous curly swashes and decorations that normally come with the font are only available when you decide to purchase the full font design.

For me, as a designer, that often means that I will have to purchase the font if I like it, since a lot of customers want those curly swashes in the design, but if you are looking to use fonts just for personal use, the demo versions will often be more than enough to complete a creative project.

free script font


All these fonts work with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, but most of them will work in other image editing programs and MS Word as well. Installing the downloaded fonts is really easy but if you are not familiar with installing fonts in these programs, then please check out this tutorial. And then the creative fun can begin!


Should you really like a particular font then of course you have the option to purchase the full version of it. BeFonts does not only give you the download link for the free version but also gives you the link to the full version if that is available. 

free design font

Well, it should be no surprise that I have become a big fan of this website. It gives me the option to really test a font before I decide on purchasing the full version. So if you have a spare moment today, take a peak at all the beauty on BeFonts and get inspired!