September 30, 2016

Freebie Fridays #80 - Fall Colored Paint Smears

The last episode of Freebie Fridays was sometime back in February of this year, so it's about time to come up with another episode. The Freebie Friday posts are still the most popular ones on this blog, after all, who doesn't like free stuff, right?
September 9, 2016

Starting a Wordpress Blog - Choosing a web host & the costs

Today I am sharing part 3 of the Wordpress series in which I share my experiences and tips on starting a self-hosted Wordpress blog. If you have missed the previous parts, you can find part 1 here, and part 2 here. And if you want to check out the Wordpress blog I created, which is a personal blog, you can find it at
In the …
September 7, 2016

Starting a Wordpress blog - Choosing self-hosted or not?

I am back with part 2 of the Wordpress series. In my last post I told you that I started a personal blog on Wordpress and decided to go for a self-hosted version. But what exactly is a self-hosted version and is there another version on Wordpress? Let's dive into that today!
September 5, 2016

Starting a Wordpress blog - Follow me on my journey

The people that have been following along with this blog and my Etsy shops might raise their eyebrows seeing this post's title. I mean, a Wordpress blog? Wasn't I the girl that was into Blogger blogs? After all I am creating and selling premade Blogger templates on Etsy and this website is built on Blogger as well. So what's going on?
September 3, 2016

Where to find beautiful fonts for free

With putting my focus more on logos again, came the search for beautiful fonts. Whether it is a business logo, a blog header or a digital signature, today's women seem to want that 'handmade' feeling in their design. And I completely understand that because I have fallen for these calligraphy type script fonts as well. Some elegant, s…