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New Beginnings

August 29, 2016

Seven months ago I never thought I would ever write this post. I was completely overwhelmed with the whole blogging/social thing and needed a break. A break that I thought would turn into a 'never blogging again' situation. But here we are, half a year later, and I am writing this new beginnings post with a whole new perspective on things.


I think a lot of bloggers actually are introverts, just like me. As an introvert I don't really want to be the center of attention in any situation and for some reason the whole blogging thing plus the design work I did at the beginning of the year all became too much to handle at one point. I felt I needed to take a step back to think about things. So I said goodbye to this blog in February and I also stopped offering custom design work at that time.

I concentrated on creating more premade designs for my Etsy shops and just took time to find out what would work for me. I also had to do some really deep soul searching since I noticed that I began to withdraw myself more and more from social situations, even outside my blog and work.


While I withdraw myself from social situations in times of inner turmoil, I love to read raw and honest blog posts from other bloggers that go through tough personal times. I learn from them and they give me hope and let me realize that we all have to fight our inner demons from time to time.

Recently I read a post from a blogger that clicked with me. She wanted all bloggers/vloggers to keep blogging and vlogging, even through the rough times, since those posts and videos seemed to really touch peoples hearts. And that way, even in troubled times, we could be someone else's help and hero. I really needed to read that.

Withdrawing myself is not the answer. Even in my times of doubt I can be of help to someone. I don't have to be perfect, happy and outgoing, I should just be myself. So with that in mind I began to think about starting the blog again.


Maybe some of you recall the reason why I put my custom design work on hold in the beginning of this year. I guess it all had to do with insecurity. I had had a few bad experiences at the end of 2015 where a couple of customers contacted me with plans for custom logos. While being fully aware of the design process and the price I never heard of them again after requesting them to pay the design fee.

I never start designing before I have received the fee, but with these particular clients I had already spent quite some time discussing their plans into detail. It was all so disappointing and made me feel really insecure about my work and I took the decision to put the design work on hold.

Well, a few weeks ago I started offering custom work again. I have thought about how to present it in the last half year and created some shop policies on Etsy that will hopefully be very clear to customers that consider hiring me for a design.

I currently offer the option to work with me on a custom logo design, a blog header design or a business card design. You can find out more about custom work options on this page.

I decided not to offer custom Blogger designs anymore. This has to do with the fact that Blogger and Google are constantly changing settings and that influences the option for gadgets. To be able to offer up to par custom designs I would need to keep myself updated of all these changes all the time and that is just a bit too much right now.


I will not write according to some schedule since that will just be too much pressure. Whenever I have an interesting topic for a blog post I am going to share that with you all. Topics will cover blogging, business and graphic design, just as you were used to.

I am looking forward to welcome you all back on The Dutch Lady Designs!

Love, Daphne