February 5, 2016

Freebie Fridays #79 - Photoshop Logo Template

free photoshop logo template

If you have visited my blog and business shop on Etsy lately, you may have noticed that I created an entire section full of premade Photoshop logo templates. These are basically layered Photoshop files that can easily be changed by the buyer. They only have to open the file in Photoshop, change the logo text to a text of choice and change things like text color, text size, or illustration color.

An instruction sheet in the form of a .PDF file is also added to lead the buyer through these steps of change. And I only use free available fonts for these templates, so as a buyer you can download and install the fonts for free without any copyright issues.

To show you all how much fun it is to work with these logo templates I am sharing a free, simple logo design with you all today. It is basically text in a beautiful, free available script font with a golden structure behind it. When you download this free template below and open the template file in Photoshop you will be able to change the text to any text of choice and you can even remove the golden structure and replace it with a solid color of choice.

To take you through the steps of downloading the free font, installing it in Photoshop and altering the template to your liking, I added an instruction sheet in .PDF file as well.

I know that not everyone has the Adobe Photoshop program on their computer and purchasing it can be pricey. But Adobe offers a free trial of the program which you can dowload over here. This way you can still use the free logo I am sharing in this episode of Freebie Fridays. Have some creative fun with it!

Oh, and don't forget about the BLOGGER TEMPLATE GIVEAWAY that is still running till February 14. You can join the giveaway up to that date and have a chance to win one of my Blogger templates.

free photoshop logo template

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