February 15, 2016

A personal update & the winner of the giveaway

I have been missing in action for a week here and I will explain why in a second, but first, I want to mention the winner of the Premade Blogger Template giveaway. And that is Sian Lloyd! Congratulations! I already sent you an email to hear which template you want to receive from me. I hope the new layout will look awesome on your blog!

Now over to the main subject of this post: the personal update. I just celebrated the two year anniversary of this blog, and honestly, at the beginning of this year I had enough topics to write about to keep the blog going for at least another year. But then life happens...

Don't worry, nothing shocking happened, but I have been really busy with kids related stuff lately. As many of you know, my son, who's 16, has severe autism and his life path looks a little different from the average life path of a 16 year old. And so does his future. As his parents, my husband and I have been pretty busy lately looking for options to fill his days when he leaves his special high school in the Summer of 2017.

While he is considered to have high functioning autism, despite his high IQ he is not able to function independently. He needs one on one guidance when doing normal, every day tasks. Therefore we have been searching for a form of day care where he will be able to work/do tasks in a safe environment with one on one guidance when he leaves school. We recently found a place that might be right for him. And by the grace of God it happens to be in our own village! If this works out I will be able to bring him to work/day care myself each day. But we still have to find out more and figure out all legal and administrative paths to lead us there (oh, bureaucracy...).

Most of January was filled with all kinds of meetings, conversations and more regarding his future. Fortunately I was on a blogging spree in December and already wrote most of the posts that were published last month. But by the beginning of February I began to ran out of pre-written posts. I decided to take a break last week since my kids and husband all had a week off from school and work as well, and during that week I began to realize something. I really love this blog dearly, but I love my family more.

And when I have to choose between making time for my family or for the blog, the choice is easily made. So I have decided to put the blog on hold for a while. Of course I will still be active in both my Etsy shops, creating new items and helping out clients. And I will still read and reply to all your comments and messages here on the blog. But I won't write new posts. At least for now. Maybe there will come a time in the near future that I will have more time on my hands again and I can pick up writing for the blog on a regular basis again. Never say never! But for now, it's time to focus on other things.

I just want to give you all a big THANK YOU for being my readers for the last two years, making it possible for me to grow as a small business owner and as a person. I have enjoyed writing all the blog posts and sharing them with you. I hope that the tutorials I wrote and the freebies I shared on this blog will serve people for a long, long time!

Love, Daphne

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