January 4, 2016

Why it is important to update old blog posts

why it is important to update old blog posts

Updating old blog posts might not be at the top of your to-do list as a blogger, but if you can find a little time here and there, it might be worth your while! It can seem like a daunting task though, especially when you have been blogging for a couple of years and have a couple of hundred published posts. But today I will show you where to start, what to update and what's in it for you. So let's begin!



To give up-to-date information to your readers

We live in a fast paced world where information is almost outdated again the moment it is published. Often when we write a blog post, especially the articles that contain tutorials or tips, that information is correct at the time of writing, but half a year later it might not be accurate anymore. But our readers are still visiting those posts.

For marketing purposes

While giving up-to-date information is a good reason to adjust old blog posts from time to time, another reason is marketing purposes. Let's say you wrote a great blog post about a year ago and in your blog statistics you notice that this particular post is very popular. It gets lots of traffic. In the meantime you have started an Etsy shop where you sell products and services, or you are just looking for ways to get more subscribers for your blog. Wouldn't it be a good idea then to use that very popular old post for marketing purposes?

All you have to do is place a link to your products and services in your post, maybe even adjust the text in such a way that you refer to your products and services, or refer to the subscription options for your blog. By updating your old post this way, a lot of people will start to see those links to your products and services or to the subscription options and that creates possibilities for growing your blog and business.

When you have changed your blog's branding and style

Every now and then we all like a little change in our lives and on our blogs. So if you decide to revise your blog's branding and style you might want to check up with some popular old posts to see if their layout matches your blog's new branding style.

In October last year I changed the look of this website completely and also started with matching blog post images in the style and color tones of the blog layout. I'm still working on updating some popular old posts to match this style in order to make the total website look more professional.



Updating your old posts can be a huge task. With over 200 posts published on this website by now you can imagine that it's almost impossible to update them all and still keep up with my regular blogging routine, my business and my family life. So where should you start with updating?

My advice is to update your most popular posts first, because they get the most views already. Check your blog's statistics and find out what your five most favorite post were the last half year or so. Then start with those. And if you still have time left after updating them, you can work on other, less popular posts.

Since updating old posts is not a one time job, because everything keeps getting outdated over time, you shouldn't put too much pressure on yourself with this and only put energy in the posts that matter most.



So you have checked your blog's statistics and found your five most popular posts. Now what? What exactly do you update in these posts?

Start with updating the text

Start out with reading the text of these posts. Is every single piece of information you give still up-to-date? Are you talking about a personal or business situation that maybe has changed by now? And does the text hold the links to your subscription options or sites and pages where people can purchase your products and services or subscribe to your social media pages? Make changes to the text if needed.

Then check your post images

If you, like me, have a certain style and way of presenting your blog posts images, do the images of the old posts fit that style? Are the images of good quality? And if you have improved your photography skills in the meantime you might want to consider adding a totally new and better image to the post. Have you started outlining your images over the full width of the post lately, but your old posts still show smaller images? Then you might want to change that as well. Just ask yourself: are the images in this post appealing to my readers? If a post gets a lot of traffic you want it to look perfect.

End with checking the SEO options for the post

Are your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) options all used correctly? You want your posts to be as visible as possible on search engines, and even if it already gets a lot of traffic you might want to check if you can even improve visibility even more. So check if you have added the right labels to your posts, if you have used your keyword in the title, subtitles and throughout the text and if the post has a good search description.



After all the hard work you have put into updating an old post you might even want to consider sharing it again on your social media pages and amp up traffic to that post even more.

I am still working on updating my own posts, and it will continue to be a work in progress. But in the end both I and my readers will benefit from it! I surely hope you will all benefit from today's tips!

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