January 20, 2016

3 awesome graphic design freebie resources on the web

graphic design freebie resources

Okay, I am going to spill the beans here today and I will take the risk of putting myself out of business for granted ;-) But I just need to share some of the best free graphic design resources with you, because they are just too good to keep for myself and one should always share the joy, right?

As a designer I use both free and paid for design resources. Those resources can be basic illustrations for clipart and logo design, textures and brushes for Photoshop, or fonts to use in my logos and blogger templates. As a designer you can never have enough of these items.

While I don't mind paying for a beautiful design, since I know the designer put their heart and soul into it and is making a living this way, I use some free stuff too. After all, my wallet is not a bottomless pit either. So over time I found some websites that share the most awesome freebies on a regular basis.

These websites are basically webshops for designers. You can compare them to Etsy, the online selling platform for creative people, with the difference that the items listed are all graphic design items while the items on Etsy include all kinds of handmade items. But you don't have to be a designer to use these graphic items. If you like to be creative with your digital photos or you like to do scrapbooking or make your own digital cards, then these sites can be a great source for you as well. And while most of the products they offer have to be purchases, all of them offer freebies on a regular basis. And those freebies are of very high quality.


The first one is Creative Market, which probably looks the most like Etsy when it comes to digital items you can purchase. You can find almost everything graphic here, from beautiful fonts to digital papers, card designs, product mockups, illustrations and website templates. It's always difficult for me to resist purchasing something.

If you make a free account on this site you will get a weekly email with a link to 6 graphic freebies. They are different each week, so they rotate with fonts, illustrations, templates, papers etc. There is always something I can use for my own business in the weekly freebie package, so I am always looking forward to Mondays when the weekly freebies are released.

TIP - If you are thinking about purchasing more than one item or you are interested in multiple font styles or illustrations, then wait for the monthly package offer. Each month Creative Market offers a package for only $39 full of all kinds of design items. I have bought this package a couple of times especially for the fonts. It was a lot cheaper than purchasing all the fonts separately.

graphic design freebie resources


This is a site that started out last year and I have been a member of it from the early beginning, especially for their awesome font deals. The Hungry Jpeg offers regular freebies as well that can be found on their freebie page.

TIP - So far the bulk part of their site is dedicated to design fonts. They offer a monthly package for only $29 which I have bought a couple of times when I liked most of the items in it. Recently they added the $1 deals. These are deals that only last for a short period, but the items on the list can be purchased for a Dollar! I have already bought a beautiful calligraphic font this way. And with regular prices ranging from $12 to $40 dollars for a single font, one Dollar is a bargain!

graphic design freebie resources


This graphic design platform basically sells fonts, graphics, mockups, textures and stock photos. I only recently discovered it and started using it. When subscribing to Deal Jumbo you will get their newsletter in your mailbox a couple of times a week with the latest deals. But they also have a nice selection of freebies available on their freebie page.

TIP - Just like Creative Market and the Hungry Jpeg they offer large design bundles for around $39 amongst their smaller deals and they even give some of these bundles away for free from time to time.


I have to mention that a lot of these design items are created to use in either Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. These are pricey programs and if you're not a professional designer you might not have them on your computer. Still, a lot of the fonts will work with free image editing programs like Photoscape. If you want to know how to upload a font to this program you can view the full tutorial over here. So even if you don't own Photoshop you might want to try out the free fonts you like (when you purchase a font, always check with the designer if you can use it on different programs).

When purchasing items always check what file types you will receive and if you will be able to work with them! If it is not stated very well in the item description, contact the designer. This will prevent you from spending money on graphic items that you may not be able to use in the end.

If you are like me, you are a big fan of the beautifully styled script and brush fonts, and even if you're not a designer or use them for business purposes, you can still have a ton of creative fun with them with private projects!

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