January 27, 2016

How to avoid writer's block in blogging

writer's block in blogging

So here we are, already at the end of January again. The time that most of our New Year's resolutions have been forgotten and life is back to normal again. And while you started out the year with the intention to write blog posts on a consistent basis, maybe even with the help of an editorial calendar to schedule your posts, a serious case of writer's block can be sabotaging it all by now. You've poured all the crazy, great ideas you had for the new year into the blog posts of those first weeks and now your mind is drawing a blank and it doesn't feel like that blank will be filled up anytime soon.

Of course writer's block can strike at any moment in time and it will probably happen to every blogger at a certain point in their blogging career. But if you are putting in a lot of effort to grow your blog and get a steady stream of blog traffic, that case of writer's block can seriously affect those things in a negative way. If you are missing in action on your blog for a couple of weeks due to the fact that you really can't think of anything useful to say and share, you will unfortunately see the numbers drop. Especially when you are trying to build a business or some form of income through your blog, that scenario should not become reality.

But how can you avoid writer's block, or what can you do when it does happen? Fortunately there are some easy solutions to start filling those blanks until your mind is able again to come up with something juicy and new. Over time I even started to use these solutions myself and the ones that I am using work well for me. So let's find out what you can do in case you are having trouble coming up with the next great idea for a blog post!


This is something that is mostly done by lifestyle bloggers and people with a personal blog. You write a post that contains a number of things (you decide how many) that have made you happy lately. Some bloggers even do this on a monthly or weekly basis and share the happy moments they had in that time period.

At first it might seem a bit dull, but reading someone's happy list can actually encourage people to take action in their own life and start appreciating life more. So it has a positive effect the readers. At the same time it is beneficial for the blogger as well, since making a happy list is like keeping a gratitude journal. And expressing gratitude has a positive effect on life in general.


This is a similar sort of post as the happy list post but not all news in this post has to be positive and happy. You basically share what has been happening in your life lately, and this can of course be a mixture of positive and negative things. A life lately post can also be turned into a weekly or monthly post to keep your readers updated about your personal life.


Another variant of the life lately and happy list post is a post in which you share which great products you discovered lately. When you are a fashion and/or beauty blogger, you can share a list of beauty products or fashion accessories. As a food blogger, you might want to share new ingredients or kitchen tools etc. Upload some images of the products and a link where to buy them and you've created one more post!


If you are an avid user of instagram, you might want to share a weekly or monthly recap/overview of your instagram pictures. If you know your way around image editing programs you can make a selection of all the pictures you shared and show them off in a grid in your post. Maybe add some background info to go with the pictures and you have got yourself a nice, visual recap. And while this is fun for yourself, I have to admit that I like to look at these image recaps of other bloggers as well. So I'm sure there is an audience for it.

If you are not that into Instagram or keeping track of a whole week or month of photographing, you can share one weekly snapshot. Quite a few bloggers share a 'Saturday Snapshot' post or a 'Wordless Wednesday' post on their blogs. Just sharing one great picture they have taken that day. Sometimes images speak louder than words.


This is the type of post that I like to use on this blog to keep things consistent around here. It is not always easy to find a new subject to write a post about, yet I aim for three posts a week. That is why I decided to turn one of those three posts into a weekly freebie post. Of course I have to think about what to give away, but it is different than thinking about a subject to write.

And if you are not in a position to create weekly or monthly freebie type posts, you can host a giveaway post. Maybe you have a product that you sell or that you love and that you would like to give away to one of your readers. And if you don't have something to give away yourself you can contact other small business owners if they would like to give one of their products away in return for some advertising in the giveaway post.


Yet another one of the post types I like to use to fill up the blanks. Back in November I published my first 'Dr. Blog' post in which I give advice to readers on blog layouts. I basically just write a short post saying that for free advice on blog layout and design you have to comment and leave your blog link and then I will get back to you with some free advice on how you can improve your blog layout/design.

Of course we are not all blog designers, but you can give this type of free online advice in many forms. If you have a recipe blog, you can advice your readers on how to improve the recipes they have created themselves. And if you know a lot about photography, you can comment on photos that your readers show you and how to improve them. If you are into fashion or makeup, your readers can send you a picture of them in a new outfit or makeup and you can let them know how to tweak things a little bit to get an even better result. The possibilities are endless with this.


If you have bloggers or other people that you admire you might want to ask them to do an interview post on your blog or write a guest post for your blog. I have the 'Creatives in the Spotlight' series in which I interview bloggers and other creatives about their passion.

One thing to keep in mind about this particular kind of post is that it might take some time from the moment you get the idea to interview someone and the actual publishing date of the post. Not all people are acting fast when it comes to answering interview questions or writing a guest post ;-)


And if you are really stuck, then there is always the option to read some books or articles to get you going again. There have actually been some bloggers that have written books about this subject. I have just given you seven tips to get you out of that writer's block, but if you need some more heavy duty stuff you might want to check out these books:

* 365 Blog Topic Ideas: For the lifestyle blogger who has nothing to write about
* 365 Blog Post Ideas: Years of blogging ideas for any niche
* Blog Prompts: 101 Creative topics that attract customers, invite discussion and help you create a loyal legion of fans

I have to mention that I haven't read any of these books myself so I can't give you a review on them. But if you are in need of some more tips for blog topics you now know where to find them!

I would also like to mention that there are establised writers that keep a blog themselves about the subject of writing. One of these writers is J21-time New York Times bestselling author, Jerry B. Jenkins. Jerry wrote a great article on the subject of writer's block that I would love to share with you all:
* https://jerryjenkins.com/writers-block/

The article is written from the perspective of a fiction writer, so not specifically targeted at bloggers, but looking at things from another perspective can often help to inspire. The article also holds a link to a video on writer's block for the people that prefer watching over reading: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=621&v=LTrTBjwUulE

Wishing all of you bloggers and writers lots of inspiratoion!

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