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Blogger Trouble Shooting - The Blogger Search Bar

December 14, 2015

Blogger trouble shooting - The search bar

As a designer of Blogger templates it's no secret that I like Blogger as a platform. Probably the best thing about it is that it is a free blog platform, giving people the chance to share their stories without paying hosting fees. But despite the benefits, Blogger has some issues as well. And sooner or later, most of the Blogger users are going to bump into these issues.

One of them is the search bar. While being an important part of a blog, it is not working on a lot of Blogger blogs. Why is that and what can you do about it?


If your Blogger blog hasn't got a search bar yet, you can easily add one by following these steps:

- go into your Blogger Dashboard
- select the 'Layout' option on the left
- in Layout, go to the section of your sidebar and click the 'add gadget' button
- select the 'Search Box' gadget and save!

Blogger trouble shooting - The search bar

When adding the Search Box you see that you can turn a couple of search options on and off in this gadget: 

- This Blog
- Linked From Here
- The Web

Blogger trouble shooting - The search bar

While the option of searching your blog is the one you will probably want to give your readers, this unfortunately is the option that often doesn't work on Blogger. 


The problem is that when you type in a search word in the Blogger search bar it often doesn't search your blog for it. It just does nothing at all. The other functions, the Linked From Here option and the Web option seem to work fine, but searching your own blog will not give you any search results.

While I don't know exactly what the cause is of the problem, I can tell you that I experience trouble myself with the search bar and so do some of my clients. After a search on the internet, it appears we are not the only ones.

At first I was worried that it was a hick up in some of my templates, I mean, let's be honest, I make mistakes too ;-) But it appears it is a widely known Google problem. People have complained about this to Google over the past years, but so far the issue has not been resolved properly for all Blogger users. I guess since Google doesn't charge Blogger users a hosting fee, they don't see the urge in helping us out with this issue.


The funny thing is that your search bar might not work one day, but will be working perfectly the next. Weird right? So sometimes it helps to remove your search bar and just upload a new one as a sort of refreshment. So if your search bar isn't working properly this is the first and most simple thing to try.
But if it still isn't showing search results from your own blog, there is another way to solve the problem. Fortunately there are always some clever people that develop coding for these kind of issues. And there is actually a little piece of coding that will help you out with solving this search bar problem.

To make it work, just copy the code below and paste it into an HTML-gadget in your sidebar. Give it a title like 'Search', 'Search Bar' or 'Search this Blog' and change the YOURBLOGURL text for your actually blog link.

<form action="http://www.YOURBLOGURL.blogspot.com/search" method="get" name="input">
<input name="q" size="20" type="text" value="remove text, type keyword and give enter" /><input type="submit" value="Go!" /></form>

The text in yellow can be changed by a piece of your own text. This is a very simple search bar, so it will have not borders or anything, just text. And depending on the width of your sidebar, you might have to shorten the text in yellow.

Blogger trouble shooting - The search bar

I did not write this coding myself and I don't know who did, so I can't credit him or her here unfortunately. It is also not clear if this code works for all Blogger users. I tested it on my own templates and it seems to work there, and it seems to do so for a lot of other bloggers out there using this code. So it is definitely worth a try when your search bar is causing you trouble.

Oh, and if you know of another way to solve this issue, please let us know in the comments below!