December 23, 2015

Adding a good search description to your Blogger posts

adding a post search description in blogger

Have you noticed that while writing a blogger post the side of the screen is filled with options to improve that post in a lot of ways? It's the part that is called 'Post settings' and when you are totally new to Blogger these options often seem so overwhelming that you want to forget about them as soon as possible. But not so fast! Most of these options are there to improve your blog's SEO (Search Engine Optimization). And you don't want to miss out on that, do you? So let's dive into the Search Description option today!


The Post settings options can be found at the right side of the screen when you write your Blogger post. There are a lot of settings you can alter here: you can add labels to your post, you can schedule your post for the moment you want it to be published, you can add a good permalink to your post, add your location, a search description, and some other options.

When I started out using Blogger years ago I had no clue what this all meant, but slowly, over time, I learned more about it and found out that these settings can actually help to improve your post's SEO (visibility in search engines like Google) when handled correctly.

Between all the Post settings options you will find the Search Description option. It's obvious that is has something to do with a description of the content of the post, but there are lots of ways to give a description of what's covered in a post, and not all of them are correct. So let's find out how it works.

adding a post search description in blogger


At first, in my beginning Blogger days, I made the mistake to fill in a bunch of keywords. I basically treated this section as another label section in which I put a couple of words that described the content of my post. But what Google actually wants us to do is to give a description in the form of a sentence. For instance, I gave this post the Search Description:

Learn how to add a good search description to your Blogger posts for better SEO results.

Always make sure that you add the keyword of your post to the description. In my case, my post keyword is 'search description for Blogger'. You will see these keywords return in the title of this post, in the subtitles throughout the post, and also in the search description.

So a search description is basically a sentence that holds the post keyword and a short description of the content of your blog post.


Adding a search description is a good way to improve the SEO of your blog post. But what if leave it blank? I'm sure a lot of us Blogger users have left it blank every since we started our blogs, just for the simple reason that we didn't know what it stood for. So should we worry now?

No, don't worry too much. If you leave it blank, Google will actually take the first few lines of your post content as your search description. That isn't ideal of course, since you never know if your post keyword is used in those first few lines and it will probably not give a short and strong description of the full content, but it's not the end of the world either.

Now that you know you can start adding good quality search descriptions to your posts. And if you have some time on your hands, you can always go back to your published posts and add a search description later on via the edit option!

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