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Get creative with FotoJet - a free image editing tool

December 21, 2015

fotojet online creative image tool

A couple of weeks ago I got an email from a lady named Candy who had read my post about how to create your own Facebook cover with Photoscape, a free image editing progam. She wrote me that the company she worked for had designed an intelligent online tool that helped people create facebook covers and other image related projects in a very easy way. And she asked me if I was willing to bring this free tool to the attention of my readers.

If you are a blogger yourself you might have had requests like these yourself, in which someone asks you to write a post about their product for free to gain more attention for the product. While I am always a little hesitant to write free reviews for products (after all, it is free advertising) I decided to check this one out myself since it is a tool that is free to use online, so no costs would be involved for my readers if they decided to use it. And I was pleasantly surprised!


The tool, called FotoJet, is an online creative tool that helps you out with creating image collage projects. The tool offers all kinds of projects, like Facebook timeline covers, Twitter covers, Youtube banners, Google+ covers, photo cards, magazine style covers and lots more.

When you visit the site you have the choice between the 'Creative' and 'Classic' option. The creative option holds all options for making social media banners, cards, posters and other fun projects.

fotojet online creative image tool

The classic option consists of album-like page options that you can fill with photos. And you can use your own digital images for these projects or use images that you've downloaded from somewhere, it doesn't matter.

fotojet online creative image tool


After receiving the request from Candy I started playing around with the program, discovering the options and what fun things you can do with it.

It turns out that not only can you easily use your digital images on a template for a Facebook cover for example, but you can also add different backgrounds, text in multiple font styles and even clipart to your design. Before you know it, you've spent a couple of hours on this creative fun.

To show an example of what you can do with it I made a Facebook cover with the logo of The Dutch Lady Designs and a nice background. You can easily upload images from your computer and then drag them into the project template. 

fotojet online creative image tool

When your project is finished, just save it to your computer in a .JPEG or .PNG image file (the program let's you select your option of choice). And from your computer you can then start using the image for whatever purpose you made it for. Upload it to your Facebook page, or in case of a digital card, print it out etc.

fotojet online creative image tool


If you like being creative with digital images and photos I highly suggest you try out FotoJet. And I don't say that because I'm earning something from this post, because I'm not.

It is because of three other reasons:

• it is a free online tool, so easy to access and affordable for everyone
• it is very user friendly, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure it out
• and it gives you an option to spend your time in a fun and creative way! 

So if you are snowed in during the Holidays, or just have some spare time on your hands during Christmas season, why not grab a cup of coffee or tea, maybe a Christmas treat to go with it, and treat yourself to a few hours of creative fun! You might come up with some great ideas for next year's Christmas cards!