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Freebie Fridays #70 - Christmas Covers for Facebook

December 4, 2015

free facebook covers for the holidays

I can't believe this is already episode 70 of the Freebie Fridays series! But each week it is so much fun to give away a graphic/digital design item for free, so I will hopefully make it to a hundred and beyond!

With Christmas around the corner what better freebie to share than a Christmas freebie? So this week I'm sharing a set of Christmas styled Facebook timeline covers.

They are designed to spice up your Facebook page during the Holidays. All you have to do is pick out your favorite from the set and upload it as your timeline cover to your Facebook page. The cover images are already made at the exact size Facebook requires for the timeline cover (851 x 315 pixels).

There are 4 different images, each in a red, golden and silver version, so you can even rotate if you like. I hope your Facebook page will look awesome this Holiday season with one of my covers!

free facebook covers for the holidays