November 4, 2015

Need blog & business advice? Meet this awesome business babe!

marie forleo

Growing a blog and business is serious work. I bet you all know that. It's about finding things out, trying things out and definitely finding your own voice. It's about creativity, marketing, planning and persistance. And while a good and energetic attitude is probably half the work, we can't do it all by ourselves, can we? Sometimes we just need someone else to give us fresh ideas and tips and tricks to keep things flowing. And my go-to girl for this is miss Marie Forleo!


Marie Forleo can best be described as a world wide business coach, sharing her knowledge for free in her weekly Youtube videos and offering online business programs like B-School and The Copy Cure. This is how Marie introduces herself on her website:

My goal is to add more value to your world than you ever dreamed possible by giving you tools that you can immediately use to improve your business and life.

I came across Marie's Youtube videos in early 2013. Back then I had a health food blog on Wordpress and was looking for ways to grow my audience. I knew more than enough about healthy diet options, but my marketing and business skills were pretty under developed. Let's just say that I wasn't born with these talents ;-) Marie makes short weekly videos on business and entrepreneurship. She covers about every topic you can think of, and what I like about her is that she is funny, down to earth and practical. The videos really struck a cord with me and I actually began using the ideas and tips Marie was sharing.


In the couple of years I've been following Marie's videos and her website I learned a lot of things. Let me share the three things that really made the difference for me personally:

1. The world needs that special gift that only you have
2. Everything is figureoutable
3. Success is all about sharing

The world needs that special gift that only you have
When starting a blog or a business everyone has doubts and I was no different. The chance that your blog or business is totally different than all the other blogs and businesses out there is pretty small. Take my business, digital design, there are a ton of other bloggers and business owners out there trying to make a living with digital design as well. And just that knowledge can spark a big session of self doubt. I guess all bloggers have asked themselves the question what they really add to the big pile of digital info that is already out there. And as a business owner you might second guess your products and services, because you are probably not the only one offering them.

But what Marie keeps saying over and over again in all her videos is a line that is imprinted in my mind by now: 'The world needs that special gift that only you have'. Because no matter how much of the same info, products and services we keep adding to the same pile, we all have a unique way of putting them out there. My way of blogging, my blogging voice will never be the same as another blogger that might blog about the same subject. And while a lot of designers create Blogger templates just like me, we all have our own style, and therefore we all will attract different clients.

The world is huge. And it is so big that we would never be able to serve everyone on this planet. So it is actually a good thing that we all have that special gift and unique way of expressing ourselves. We will all serve different people this way. When I finally got this, it helped me get over my fear of not being enough. With just being me, I will serve the people that need my special gift!

Everything is figureoutable
What did you say? Yes, it's a bit of tongue breaker, but this line was the kick in the butt I needed to start my designing business. I knew that I could make money with designing Blogger templates. This would allow me to work from home and therefore be able to take care of my autistic teenage son whenever he needed me. But I never went to school to become a designer and the whole HTML/CSS coding stuff seemed so difficult.

But by breaking down the coding step by step and reading a lot about it and trying out a lot of things, I slowly began to figure it all out. In the beginning it seemed like the task was almost too overwhelming, but I kept saying to myself: everything is figureoutable. And in this day and age most of us have the help of Google, and Google definitely became my best friend ;-)

By figuring it all out I got the boost that I needed to actually start the business.

Success is all about sharing
What I love most about Marie is that she runs het business with compassion for people and planet. A part of what she earns is put back into programs to help people all over the world. And with her free weekly videos she serves all of us bloggers and business owners.

It is one of the tips she shares often in her videos: business is not only about gaining and earning, but also about giving and sharing. A healthy business has a good balance between these things. 

She inspired me to not only start my business, but also share my knowledge and weekly freebies on this blog. 


Now that you have read what I have learned from Marie so far and what I have implemented in my business, it is time to find out what you (as a blogger or business owner) can learn from her.

I would highly suggest starting out with watching her free weekly Youtube videos and visiting her website for some more background info.

And if you are smitten with her (like me) you might want to decide to invest in yourself and follow one of her online business programs (B-school and The Copy Cure). I know that when I have the financial means for it I am going to join one of her programs!

Disclaimer: I do not get compensated in any way for writing this post. This post is purely showing my own personal vision on Marie Forleo and her brand. 

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