November 16, 2015

How to grow your blog traffic with Gawkerverse

How to grow your blog traffic with Gawkerverse

About a year ago I wrote a post on how to gain more blog traffic through sharing your blog photos on certain platforms. Today I would like to share some of my own recent experiences with one of these platforms, what it is that I did and what it meant for my blog in the hope that it will help you grow your blog traffic as well.


The platform I'm talking about is Gawkerverse, which, as it is said on their website, is a network of inspirational, user-submitted photo gallery sites. On these sites people share and receive inspiration for multiple lifestyle topics like food, crafts, weddings, interior design and fashion. It is a bit similar to Pinterest with the difference that the overall photo quality is better on Gawkerverse than on Pinterest and people are more likely to visit the websites behind the photos than on Pinterest. And that is exactly what is so interesting about these sites for bloggers!

I first learned about these sites back in the day when I was a health food blogger. When one of your recipe photos was accepted on the Foodgawker site, you could be sure that a stream of blog traffic was heading your way. But to get accepted you have to submit quality photos and they are pretty strict with it.

How to grow your blog traffic with Gawkerverse

Anyone can upload an image to one of the Gawkerverse sites as long as that photograph fits the requirements (more on that below). Once your image is accepted it will be displayed in the gallery and people can like it and click on it to get directed to your blog or website.

Since the Gawkersites are very popular and have a lot of viewers each day, you can be sure that once your image is accepted it will be viewed by a lot of people. And once these people click on the image and end up on your blog they become potential readers, subscribers and clients. And don't we all want that?


As I mentioned before, the Gawkerverse sites cover a range of lifestyle topics. These topics are covered in five separate photo gallery sites:

When you decide to upload your own blog photos to Gawkerverse, first find out which gallery fits best. Oh, and chances are you will spend half your day scrolling through all the images. Like Pinterest it can be pretty addictive ;-)


People are very visual beings, we get inspired by what we see. And a beautifully styled photograph will surely capture our attention. That is why blog photography is almost as important as blog content these days. You might share the most yummy recipes on your blog, but if your images suck so will your blog traffic. 

And this is no secret to Gawkerverse, so one of their rules is that the photo you submit to one of their galleries needs to be absolutely perfect. The photos are actually evaluated one by one and if your image is not accepted you will get some feedback why it was declined. I've had many pull-my-hair-out moments when I submitted my recipe photos as a food blogger. Most of them got turned down because the lighting wasn't good or the angle of the composition wasn't up to par, you name it, I heard it ;-) But don't let this discourage you, see it as a way to improve your photography and to learn something and get better at it.

How to grow your blog traffic with Gawkerverse

So a great quality image is a must. The other rule they have is that you can't link back to a site like Etsy to sell a product, or even not to a site or page that obviously is meant to sell things to people. I found this out while trying to submit images of my Premade Blogger Designs. First I tried to link the image to my Etsy shop, but I got the feedback that they never accept images linking to Etsy since these images are purely for marketing. Then I tried to upload the same image linking to the 'hire me' page on this website. And again it was declined because of the obvious marketing reason behind the image. But don't get discouraged, I found a way to get my images accepted!


In an attempt to get more traffic to my blog I decided to explore the possibilities of Gawkerverse for my website. As you may have noticed I don't use my own photography on this site. I heavily rely on stock photography and styled photography. I use the styled photography to display the freebies that I share weekly and I thought that these images might be suitable for the Craftgawker site. I browsed the Craftgawker site and noticed that more graphic design product images were shared there. So it was obvious that the images I wanted to share fit this gallery best.

After getting my images rejected because they linked to my Etsy shop or my 'hire me' page and taking in the feedback that the images needed to lead to either a tutorial or an article that would be helpful to people I got the idea to share the images of my Freebie Fridays posts. The digital products I share in these posts are free and the post images of these posts would be most suitable. And low and behold they got accepted!

In the image below you can see that at the time of the screen shot, the image of the free feather clipart was liked 29 times and viewed 54 times, which means that people clicked on the image and landed on my website. And I could definitely see a significant rise in blog traffic to these particular articles.

How to grow your blog traffic with Gawkerverse


While it's totally legit to do a happy dance when you see your blog traffic rise after posting your images on a Gawkerverse site, you should not loose yourself completely. It is now time to stay focused. Because you want to turn those one-time visitors into readers, subscribers or clients. So it is necessary to build in a link somewhere to give these visitors the opportunity to become your reader, subscriber or client.

You need to provide these new visitors with a clear option to take some kind of action to become a reader, subscriber or client. There are multiple ways to do that. You can put clear links in your article for subscribing to your blog and social media or to direct them to an Etsy shop for instance. And if you want them to subscribe to a newsletter, make sure you have a pop-up bar or screen installed on your site that gives your new visitors the option to subscribe (find out how to that in this post over here).

And don't forget that people will be more likely to subscribe or purchase something when they get an extra out of it. So when you give visitors the option to subscribe to a newsletter for example, give them something extra when they subscribe. This can be anything, from a digital sheet with tips and tricks on a certain subject, free recipes, a free e-book to a discount on a product or service, whatever you can think of and whatever fits the topic you write about on your blog. You want to show gratitude to the people that take the effort to subscribe or purchase! And once you turn these visitors into subscribers or clients you can really do a happy dance!


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