October 21, 2015

Why small business owners can benefit from having a blog

benefits of blogging for business owners

Are you a small business owner always looking to grow your platform and clientele? In this age and era you will probably have a website or a web shop. But do you keep a blog as well? No? Then this post is written especially for you!


Most small business owners (like myself) probably have a website of some sorts where they either sell their products and services or where people can find information on those products and services together with contact information. These websites can become pretty static when this info does not have to be updated on a regular basis. So, other than showing who they are, what products and services they offer and how people can reach them, nothing much is happening on such small business websites.

A blog is often more dynamic. A blog can be a website on its own, but it can also be part of a bigger website, depending on what the website owner prefers. The whole purpose of a blog is to share articles (related to the subject of the business of course) on a regular basis. So adding a blog to your website makes it a lot more dynamic.
This can be good for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), since search engines like Google are always looking for new content. And when you add new content to a site on a regular basis this will increase its visibility in search engines. The chance that people will end up on your website is a lot bigger when your content is updated regularly. So if you already have a website for your business, but no blog yet, you might want to think about the option to incorporate a blog in your website.

As for me personally, I actually use a blog platform (Blogger) for this blog that I turned into a full functioning website with info on my products and services.


The main reason that I decided to start a blog at the same time (back in February 2014) I opened my first Etsy Shop was that I wanted to offer my customers some extra service. While they purchase my products and services through my Etsy Shops, I soon found out that people love a little extra background info on the products and services they buy. 

To give an example: people can buy a blog layout with installation from me. Once it is installed, my work is basically done. And while they get a blog guide with the purchase that gives background info on their blog and tips and tricks on managing it, the blog world keeps evolving. So on this blog I keep sharing tips and tricks for Blogger designs. That way the customer can come back to this blog anytime they want to learn something new to make their blog even better.

It does work both ways though. The blog is not only an extra service for my customers, it also takes some work out of my hands as well. A lot of the customers often have a similar kind of question about a product. You can take the time to answer all those questions one by one, typing the same story over and over to a gazillion people, or you can write a blog post about the issue and answer the question in the blog post. Whenever you have a customer with this specific question, you don't have to spend half an hour or so explaining the whole thing in an email, instead you can give that customer a link to your blog post. And while writing blog posts can take up a lot of time, I certainly have saved more time by using this method for recurring questions.


Maybe I am getting a bit spiritual here, but this is just the way that I see things: life and business are not only about taking and earning. Having a good flow in business and life in general is all about balance. Earning a living from your business is probably one of the reasons you have your business, but it should certainly not be the only one. If you only do it for the profit and the earnings, chances are you will be burned out in no time. Your business should also give you a feeling of fulfillment, joy and satisfaction and most of us probably know that the act of giving creates these same feelings. So while you are earning from the purchases your customers make, you might want to give them something back for free as well.

And that freebie does not have to cost any money. Not every business owner has the financial means within their business to start handing out free products, but everyone of us is capable of sharing information and knowledge through a blog. The way that I give back to my customers, because I really appreciate each and everyone of them, is through the information that I share on this blog and the digital freebies that I give away on Fridays.

Never underestimate the value of shared knowledge and information. Your customers will definitely appreciate it!

And don't be afraid that people will run off with your ideas and go into a similar business themselves. So what if they did? Don't you think the world is big enough for the both of you? As my favorite online business coach Marie Forleo always says: The world needs that special gift that only you have!

People can start a similar business because they got inspired by your blog posts, but they will never be you. They will do things differently and therefore attract different clients. So don't be afraid that blogging for business is spilling the beans!


With growing a blog you will grow a community. And with a growing community around you, you will inevitably attract more business. Not to mention the friendships and business partnering options that might arise from it.

Of course this does not happen overnight. It takes time and effort to build a strong blog platform. It depends on how often you publish a new blog article, if you interact with your readers through comments or social media platforms and if you sound authentic in your articles.

Talking about building a community and platform: if you are a creative blogger/website owner/business owner you might want to check out the option of guest posting on this blog. I would love to hear from you!

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