October 19, 2015

How to create a watermark for blog post images

Since helping out clients with their blog designs I have gotten this particular question more than once: 'How can I create a watermark on my blog post images?'. You have probably come across a lot of blogs that put either their blog name, their blog URL or a logo on their blog post images. Often in one of the corners of the image.

The reason why a lot of bloggers decide to mark their images in this way is to prevent stealing or for branding purposes. On the internet it is pretty easy to steal someones image. All you have to do is download it to your own computer. But if it has a watermark and you don't know how to remove or clip this off with an image editing program, the photo is useless. You cannot put it on your own website and pretend you made it yourself.

Branding purposes are probably a bigger reason to add a watermark to photos. Nowadays blog photos get shared all over the internet. Think of Pinterest, Instagram and other social media platforms. Wouldn't it be nice then, that when your photo gets shared it is visible to all viewers where it came from? If you add your blog URL to your photos in the form of a watermark that may increase your blog traffic once these photos start traveling around the net and social media. But how do you add such a watermark?


First you will need an image editing program. One that I particularly like, because it is easy to understand and it is a free program is Photoscape (download here).

Once you have installed the program on your computer, you open it and you select the image editing option. And this is the screen that you will see:

I have already searched the image I want to work on. The upper left part of the screen shows your computer and folder structure, so find your image in the folder you put it in. Once you open the folder you need, the images in it will be displayed in the lower left part of the screen. When you double click on one of the images it opens up in the large, middle screen.

Once your image is up in the large screen, you can start editing it. In this case you want to add a watermark text. So you open the 'add' tab and select the text (T) option.

A little screen will open on the left showing all your text adding options:

Write your desired text in the text screen (I used my own URL) and you will see it appear on top of your image:

Now use the positioning options to put the watermark where you want it. I opted for the right lower corner. I also decided to give the text some opacity with the opacity switch. Just drag it back and forth till you get the opacity you like.


Depending on the color of your image, a white watermark might not be the best choice. On some images it can be almost invisible. You can opt for another color in that case. In the image below I decided to use a black colored text.

And below are two images with even other color and font options to show you what is possible:

After adding your watermark text, don't forget to save the image! Now your image is ready for uploading to your blog!


The Photoscape program comes with a collection of nice fonts, but you can easily add some more beautiful free fonts to the program yourself. You can read how to do this in this tutorial.

I hope this shed some light on the watermark subject and that you will be able to create your own now. Feel free to share a link to your blog below if you've created your own watermark on images! I would love to see them!

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