October 2, 2015

Freebie Fridays #61 - Another free Blogger template

Since I haven't been spending a lot of time on the blog this week I thought I would make it up by sharing the third free Blogger template with you all.

I have been working on updating some of my Premade Blogger Templates in the shop this week and got into the swing of things. So why not create a freebie template as well? And here it is!

The only thing you have to do yourself is install the template file on your Blogger account. It's not as difficult as it might sound and you can view a tutorial on how to do this over here. Other tutorials on how Blogger works and how to get the best out of your blogger design can be found on the Blogger Tutorial Page. Make sure you browse through all the tutorials to get the most out of your blog!
If you really can't figure out how to install the template file with the directions in the tutorial, you can contact me to do the installation for you. I hope you understand that while I am sharing the templates for free I cannot do a free installation for everyone. So if you want me to install the free layout for you I ask a $10 add-on fee for that, which can be purchased in my Etsy shop.

• upon installation the template will take on your own blog title & tagline in the style as shown
• upon installation the following gadgets will be in your sidebar:
   - image gadget (you will still have to upload your own welcome image in this gadget)
   - text gadget (you can write your own welcome text here)
   - email subscription box (your readers can subscribe to your blog here)
   - search box (readers can type in a keyword and they will be directed to all posts containing this word)
   - blog archive (all your posts will be accessible through this monthly archive)
   - popular post gadget (will show your most popular posts)
• every new page that you upload to the menubar will automatically be displayed in the font style of the menubar
• every new gadget that you upload to the sidebar and give a title will automatically display that title in the font style of the template
• all your posts will have an automatically appearing 'sharing icon' in the footer that allows your readers to share the post on over 250 social sites
• in the 'Blogger Advance' option you will be able to alter the following yourself:
  - the color of all fonts (post text, titles, footer font, links, menubar tabs etc. are changeable)
  - the font style & size of the post text
  - the font style & size of the sidebar text
• please be aware that you won't be able to change the following yourself:
  - the font style & size of the blog title
  - the font style & size of the tagline
  - the font style & size of the menubar tabs
  - the font style & size of the post titles
  - the font style & size of the date header
  - the font style & size of the post footer
  - the font style & size of the sidebar titles
  - colors used in backgrounds, bars & borders
  - illustrations used in backgrounds, bars & borders
• social icons are not included, but if you decide to buy a $10 add-on for installation I will install a social icons set of choice from my Etsy shops for you in the sidebar (is included in the fee).
So, if you are in for a blog makeover or are about to start a new Blogger blog, you can view this free template live over here:
And when you like it, download the template file over here:

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