October 6, 2015

Autumn Sale on Premade Blogger Templates

Now that the days in the Northern hemisphere get shorter and colder, it's time to bundle up at home reading inspiring blogs or writing great posts yourself! It seems that for me personally Autumn and Winter are most ideal for writing. I'm less distracted by beautiful weather and an open back door and inspiration often comes a little easier.

I am certainly not the only blogger feeling this way. It was very noticeable in my Etsy shop turnover numbers. The Winter months definitely showed a peak in Blogger template sales.

I guess with new inspiration for stories comes new inspiration for the blog's layout as well. What better way to start the blogging season than with a brand new look, right?

So in order to help you all out a little I am hosting an Autumn Sale in my Etsy Blog Shop. From today (October 6th) till the end of the month (October 31st), all Premade Blogger Templates with Installation included will sell for only $25 instead of $39!

This time you don't have to use any coupon code to get the discount since the price has already been adjusted on Etsy. For that I used an application called Etsy On Sale. The only thing I had to do was sign up for their program and then add all the sale info (dates, sale amount etc.). They took care of the rest.

So if you are in need of a blog makeover, or thinking about starting a Blogger blog, hop on over to my Premade Blogger Templates section for a great discount on a blog restyling!

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