September 9, 2015

Why I love Bloglovin & how to link your blog to it

Ever since I've started blogging myself I've been a huge fan of Bloglovin. Most bloggers probably know what I'm talking about but if you're new to blogging, this site might need some introduction. Bloglovin is a site that brings bloggers and blog readers together, making life a lot easier for all of them.

In the beginning of my blogging days I thought people would automatically subscribe to my blog with their email address since this is what I did with the blogs I liked to read. But I soon found out that receiving updates in your mailbox from the blogs you love gets really overwhelming when you start following more and more blogs. My inbox got bombarded with updates and it soon drove me crazy. Then I found out about bloglovin and my overcrowded inbox problems were solved in an instant.

A blogger can register his or her blog at bloglovin and a blog reader can subscribe to that blog within Bloglovin. As a reader you can subscribe to as many blogs as you like and you will get all new updates from the blogs you follow in a daily feed that you can view on the Bloglovin website. You can do this by visiting the Bloglovin site on your computer, but Bloglovin also has a beautiful app created for mobile devices. This gives me the opportunity to read all my favorite blogs on my Ipad whenever I feel like it without clogging up my email inbox.

It's clear that I love this site. And while a lot of bloggers know of its existence, beginning bloggers often don't and they miss out on a great opportunity to gain more readers. So to give your blog the opportunity to grow I definitely recommend giving your readers the option to subscribe to your blog via Bloglovin. But how does this work? How do you connect your blog to Bloglovin and then create a link that readers can use to subscribe? Well, that's the subject of today's tutorial. So let's go!


Whether you are a blogger that wants your blog to be connected to Bloglovin, or you are a serial blog reader that loves to get all your favorite posts in one daily feed, the journey starts with a free subscription to Bloglovin.


  • when you are in your bloglovin account click on your little circle shape image in the top menu bar (this might be empty when you haven't added your photo yet)
  • then select the option 'Profile'

  • then select the option 'Edit your Profile'
  • if you scroll a little down the page you will see the option 'Add Blog' - select this
  • if you don't see a bar yet where you can type in your blog address, search for the blue 'Claim Blog' button and select that
  • a bar should now open where you can type in your blog URL and claim your blog - I have done this in the image below. I added my blog URL and then pushed the 'Claim Blog' button next to it. The Blog URL and info appears underneath it. 


  • Once you see the screen in the image above, click on the blog name and it will take you to the HTML code for claiming your blog:

  • Now go over to your blog and open a new blog post

  • Click on the HTML button on the top left side, this will open the HTML screen
  • Now copy the HTML code you got from Bloglovin and paste it into the HTML screen:

  • Once that is done click on the 'Compose' button in the left upper corner and the Bloglovin claim link will appear in your post
  • Publish the post now - it needs to be published in order for Bloglovin to recognize the link you have just created
  • Once you have published the post, go back to Bloglovin and click the blue button under the coding that says 'Claim Blog'
  • Your blog should now appear in the blog analytics page of your Bloglovin account and it should look like this: 

In your analytic page you will be able to see how many people sign up for your blog.

You have now linked your blog to your Bloglovin account, but to make it easy for your readers to find you on Bloglovin you want a good subscription link in your sidebar. That is the next step.


  • Now hover over your little circle shaped profile image again on Bloglovin
  • Select the option 'Widgets'

  • Choose one of the 'Follow Widgets' and click the 'Get this Widget' text underneath
  • An HTML code appears

  • Now copy this code
  • Go to your Blogger Dashboard and select option 'Layout'
  • Then add a new gadget to your sidebar (choose the HTML gadget option)
  • Paste the code into the gadget screen and save
  • Your bloglovin widget should now be visible in your sidebar and when readers click on it it will direct them to the Bloglovin page where they can start following you

If you are not familiar with adding new gadgets to your Blogger blog you can learn how to do this in the tutorial over here:

If you need to know how to add the code to a gadget on another platform than Blogger, then please follow the instructions that Bloglovin gives for that over here:

And if you are experiencing trouble claiming your blog URL because Bloglovin says it cannot find this particular blog (this happened to me more than once while trying to do this for a client), you can always turn to the Bloglovin helpdesk over here. In most cases the Bloglovin team will help you out connecting your blog to your account.

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