September 23, 2015

How to add a free newsletter pop up or bar to your blog

how to add a newsletter pop up screen to your website

If you have visited this website over the last days you may have noticed that after about five seconds a little screen pops up looking like this (note - the pop up might change over time, so at the time you are viewing this post it might not look exactly like the image below):

how to add a newsletter pop up screen to your blog

That is my new pop up screen that I installed for free to get more traffic to my blog design shop. You have probably seen tons of websites using these pop up screens to either promote something (like I do) or try to get you to subscribe to their email list so they can send out a newsletter to you. And if you haven't already installed such a pop up on your blog you might want to know how to do this.


It is actually very easy and free as well. I used a pop up screen from Hello Bar, a company that offers these kind of pop up screens and bars for free. You will also be able install an upgraded version (without the Hello Bar logo and with more features) when you are willing to invest a little money. But I love that you have a choice here.

Hello Bar offers bars and pop ups for four different goals:

• to promote a sale or discount (this is the one I used)
• to grow your mailing list - this is great when you want to send out a newsletter
• to expand your social reach
• to promote something else than the goals mentioned

how to add a newsletter pop up bar

For each goal you choose you can create a bar (stretching over the full width of your website), a pop up screen or a little slider in corner of the screen. You have the option to show it immediately when someone views your site or with a little interval so that it shows itself when the reader has been on your website for a little while (I opted for the 5 second delay option).

You can even change the color scheme of the bar or pop up screen to make it match your website.

how to add a pop up screen to your blog

And as an extra, Hello Bar registers how many people view your bar or pop up and how many actually click on it. So it is an analytic tool as well.

how to add a newsletter option to your blog

This service is available for all sorts of blogs and website (Blogger, Wordpress, Squarespace etc.) and you will get instructions how to get the bar or pop up installed on your particular platform. What can I say? It's a nice, free and easy way to step up your game.


If you are thinking about using a service like Hello Bar for creating a mailing list to send out a newsletter, you might want to offer a little extra with the subscription option. People are more likely to give you their email address when there is something to gain from it other than receiving a newsletter. Maybe you can send out a nice printable to them once they have registered, or a .PDF with info that you only share with these subscribers, or a discount on one of your products.

Oh, and last but not least: don't start a newsletter because everyone it doing it these days. You really have to have a message to share. I don't have a newsletter and the simple reason for that is that I don't have the time to put together extra content that I only create for email subscribers. Because that is what a newsletter is: extra content outside your blog with news, info, tips, tricks, discounts etc. that is exclusively for your email subscribers. So you have to come up with crispy new content for these newsletters, something different than the stuff you already share on your blog. If you know how to do this well a newsletter can be a great addition to make your audience and blog grow!

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