September 21, 2015

The new Etsy shop: Dutch Lady Printables

As promised last week I am going to share some more info on the new Etsy shop that I just opened. I worked pretty hard last week to get the items ready for display in the shop and I can announce now that it is all up and running!

The shop is called Dutch Lady Printables and is all about printable graphic design. Right now there are 34 wedding related card designs displayed in the shop, but I hope to add more in the near future and maybe even card designs for birthday invitations and other invitation cards.

The designs that are on display are basic designs. When you purchase a design you have a ton of options to tweak the design to your satisfaction:

• you can add the text of your choice - you don't have to use the sample text
• you can add the text colors of your choice - you don't have to use the text colors as shown
• you can choose the card size - you don't have to use the size of the sample card
• you can choose the background color of the card - you don't have to use the sample background color
• in case you choose a photography card design you will of course be able to add your own beautiful photograph to the design

Since I am a graphic designer and not a printer I do not print out the cards. I only sell the customized designs. After purchase I will make a proof card according to the information you will give me on text, color and size. From there we will tweak the proof to your full satisfaction after which I will send over the files of the card design. You will get the files in high resolution (300 dpi) .JPEG file and in .PDF file.

With the digital files you go to your local or online print shop to print out your cards. Please keep in mind that the quality of the printer and paper used is important for the outcome of the printed card!

As a way to celebrate this new shop with my blog readers I am giving a 20% discount on any purchase you make in the printables design shop. Just use coupon code TWENTY at the checkout and a 20% discount will instantly be deducted from your total purchase amount. The coupon code does not have an expiration date, so if you bump into this blog post a year from now you will still be able to use the code.

Hope to see you around in the new shop!

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