July 4, 2015

When blogging and social media become a burden

Hey, hi again! It's been almost a month since I posted something on here, and no, I wasn't on vacation. That's still in front of me at the end of this month. So why was I missing in action then? Well, the whole blogging thing can be quite overwhelming at times and I needed a couple of weeks to sort out myself and where I stand with my business, blog and private life. Sounds familiar?

I'm sure I'm not the only blogger that wrestles with these issues from time to time. Blogging is fun, no doubt about it, but for me personally it's only fun when it comes directly from the heart. When an idea for a post pops up in my mind and I feel that urge to touch the keyboard and write the story. If I'm not in that rut, blogging can definitely feel like a burden sometimes. Not to mention all the promoting of blog and business on social media that we bloggers and small business owners are supposed to be doing. And I say 'supposed to' because it's one of those things that I've never been good at.

Being an introvert by nature, asking for attention, in any way, shape or form, doesn't come natural to me. Flaunting myself and business on platforms like Facebook and Twitter just doesn't feel good to me. I honestly wouldn't know what to share all the time. Would people really be interested in what I think and do, with whom I hang out and how I spend my day? And probably most important: do I really want to share every aspect of my life on these platforms? I guess not, otherwise I would have had some flourishing Facebook and Instagram pages by now.

On the other hand I know how important it can be for a small business to have a regularly updated blog and to be present on social media. It's the way we all communicate these days. And if you miss out, you might miss out on clients, income and chances. I'm really satisfied with how my little business has been doing since I started it. I'm honestly still surprised that I can earn money working from home and doing something that I really love to do. But I also know that if I would invest my time in being present on social media all the time I could probably double my income. But do I want to?

And that's the question that keeps popping up in life lately: do I really want this? Not only in business issues but also in personal ones. As for the business part I've come to the conclusion that I'm satisfied with where I am right now. More isn't always better and I want to live my life in real time and not through the screen of my phone or camera because I need to capture all these precious moments in time to share them on social media. And I'd rather spend time on my family and myself than on social media. From a marketing point of view maybe not the best decision, but from a spiritual perspective it is the best.

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