July 20, 2015

My Vacation & A Summer Sale

This upcoming Saturday I hope to be somewhere under the Tuscan sun. My husband, kids and myself have been invited by my in-laws to spend two full weeks in a Tuscan villa to celebrate their 45th anniversary. We'll be accompanied over there by my in-laws of course and my brother in law and his girlfriend. Since I've never been to Italy and it has been on my to-see-list forever I'm pretty excited to finally see those Tuscan hills with my own eyes. I hope the weather will be gorgeous and we'll see lots of beautiful scenery and visit lots of beautiful places. While I'm dreaming about visiting Florence, Rome and the Vatican, my kids get more excited by the thought of endless pizza and pasta ;-) But before we leave I've got some stuff to take care of, suitcases to pack and a business to manage.

From Tuesday, July 21 till Sunday, August 9 my blog related Etsy shop Dutch Lady Digi Design will be closed. Since a lot of the items I sell over there are either custom made or need to be installed I would not really have a vacation if I have to keep on working during my stay in Italy. So if you're thinking about purchasing a premade blogger template with installation or a custom made blogger design, I'm at your service again on Monday, August 10!

My other Etsy shop, that sells instant download items like clipart, social media icons and blog headers will remain open during these weeks. And to celebrate that it's full Summer over here you get a 50% discount on every purchase from Tuesday, July 21 till Sunday, August 9. All you have to do is use coupon code SUMMER at the checkout during this period and Etsy will immediately deduct 50% off your total purchase amount. 

During my vacation you can leave me a message through the contact form if you want, but please understand that I will answer it after my vacation, which will be on Monday, August 10. Thanks so much for understanding and till soon!

Enjoy your Summer (or Winter if you're in the Southern Hemisphere!)

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