July 13, 2015

How to leave your site link professionally in blog comments

I'm sure we've all come across blog post comment threads were some of the commenters got a little too enthusiastic and gave their comment followed by a 'please follow my blog back!' or a similar piece of text. Let's be honest, these comment threads are great opportunities to get your own site noticed, but this can be done with a little more dignity and respect than coming across as a desperate teenager. No offence to teenagers. Some of them write incredible blogs ;-) But you get the picture.

When commenting on blogs most of the time you will be given the opportunity to leave your website address together with your name (see image below). Once your comment is posted, the link to your website will be behind your name. So when people click on your name they will be taken directly to your site. If you want other readers to notice that you actually have a site, instead of just typing in your name you can type in your name together with your website name, which will look something like this: Daphne @ The Dutch Lady Designs. Once you've given your website link it will be put behind the full name. Using this kind of name will point out to other readers of the comment thread that you actually have a website and people can click on your name to visit it.

This way of linking back to your website is even more beautiful and stylish if you ask me. Of course never miss out on the opportunity to fill out your website address when the comment form asks for it, but to get people even more curious you can leave a stylish link right after your comment text. All you need to do is copy the code below, paste it right after your comment text and replace the code with your own data:


Filled out with my personal data it looks like this:

Daphne | <a href="http://www.thedutchladydesigns.com">The Dutch Lady Designs</a

This is what the final result will look like once the comment is posted:

Well, now you know how you can leave a professional link to your website in comment threads. Most bloggers won't mind as long as you really engage in the conversation. Just leaving comments with the sole purpose of marketing your own blog is considered 'not done'. On this website I go through every comment before I decide to post it. On one occasion I had to reject the comment simply because the writer didn't even take the effort to write a comment. He or she just gave a link to his/her website and that was it. Not very nice, nor professional.

This also shows that if you have a blog or website where readers can comment on your stories, you might want to be strict in your comment settings and verify every comment before it is published. You will have the opportunity to sift out the serious commenters from the publicity seekers!

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