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How to create and style your own Facebook cover

June 3, 2015

how to create a stylish facebook cover

Did you know that you can easily make a nice Facebook Cover yourself with a free image editing program? It's fun to do and you can make a unique cover that suits your brand or personality. All you need is an image editing program and a nice digital pattern or digital paper design. So let me show you how to do it!


Facebook requires a size of 851 x 315 pixels for banners. When using this size the banner will fit exactly into the frame that Facebook uses for it. So you need to make your banner that exact size to make it fit perfectly.

Note: if you need a nice banner for Twitter or Youtube, find out the exact size these platforms require for their cover banners and you will be able to follow the instructions below to make banners for these platforms as well. To find out the required size just google 'twitter banner size' etc.


You need to have a nice digital pattern or background design to cut out your banner. Beautiful designs can be found on Etsy where you search for 'digital paper' on there. In my instant download Etsy shop I also have a whole section dedicated to digital paper. All these papers can serve as a background for the banners. So you might want to check that out.

Another option is to look online for free downloadable backgrounds or patterns or to use a digital photo that you made yourself. What you need to keep in mind is that the image you are going to use is at least 851 x 315 pixels in size or larger. Most digital papers on Etsy are all 3600 x 3600 pixels, so that's perfect.


Once you've chosen a nice design for the background of the banner you need to clip and cut it into the right size. You do this with an image editing program. I love using Photoscape for this. It's easy to understand and it's free to download (over here). So if you haven't already installed an image editing program on your computer you can download Photoscape and install it on your computer. I will use Photoscape in this tutorial to show you how to clip and cut your cover banner image.


Now that you have installed Photoscape, open the program on your computer and select the image editing icon.

how to create a stylish facebook cover

The program will now show you the working area. On the left upper side of the screen you will see your computers structure. Now find the background image file you want to use for the cover in the structure and select it. You will see it appear in the lower part of the left screen side.

how to create a stylish facebook cover

Select the image of choice there and it will appear in the working space. Note that in the bar below the working space area you will see the size appear of the image. Mine is 3600 x 3600 as you can see.

how to create a stylish facebook cover

I want to use the full width of the image for my banner and therefore I will have to size down the image to 851 pixels wide (Facebook width size). You do this by clicking on the 'other size' button in the menubar below. A small screen will now pop up in which you can manually type in the new size you want the image to be. When you type in the new number for the width you will see that the height of the image will adjust itself automatically as well. This is okay, otherwise your image will look 'squeezed' if you only would change the width and not the height. Don't forget to push the 'Okay' button in the small pop up screen. You've not adjusted the size of the image and this new size should be visible in the bar beneath the working space area.

how to create a stylish facebook cover

Next step is to cut out the exact facebook size of 851 x 315 pixels. You do this by selecting the 'cut' option on the third tab in the menubar.

how to create a stylish facebook cover

Click on the little arrow in the bar that allows you to set the cutting size. In the menu screen that opens up you will notice that you have the option to set the exact cutting size. Select this option.

how to create a stylish facebook cover

Now put in the exact size you want the banner to be. That is 851 pixels for the width and 315 pixels for the height. Than select 'OK'.

how to create a stylish facebook cover

You will see that on screen the cutting size shows up around your image. You can put your mouse over this selected image area and shift it downwards to another area of the image. So you can even select the part of the image that you consider most suitable for the cover. 

I will go ahead and cut out the top part of the image since I like that best for my cover. So by clicking on the 'cut' button in the menu below I cut out my banner.

how to create a stylish facebook cover

Now you've got your Facebook banner! It's the exact size to fit the Facebook cover frame. All you have to do is save this cover image on your computer and then upload it to your Facebook page.


If you want to take things a step further and add text to your banner you can follow the instructions of the text adding tutorial here:



If you would like to add your logo to the cover background or another image or piece of clipart, then follow the instructions of the clipart adding tutorial here:

I hope this gets you on your way to create your own unique Facebook banner and all other kinds of banners you might need to promote your blog, business or just yourself on social media!