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Creatives in the spotlight - Charlinde Grauwde-Cremer

May 4, 2015

Finally I'm back with a regular blog post after a couple of weeks of silence! It's a post that I have been wanting to write for a while now and it's part of the Creatives In The Spotlight Series. With my little business The Dutch Lady Designs I'm not the only Dutchie trying to build a business through Etsy. Today's creative lives in this little country as well and she even happens to be family. So let me introduce Charlinde Grauwde-Cremer from Made By Charli's!

Charlinde and I are kind of related since her grandma married my grandpa back in the seventies when they both had lost their first spouses. Later on in life we went to the same elementary school and we now connect through Facebook. Some years ago Charlinde started her little business in handmade baby shower gifts and baby products. I love what she makes, but since I was out of the baby and toddler period with my own kids I never had an excuse to buy one of her beautiful items. Until my own sister had a baby last October (yeah!). Long before my niece was born I knew I wanted to give her a beautiful handmade gift from Charlinde's online shop. In the end she made a music box in the shape of a lovely owl, all in sunny yellow tones, which I thought would fit my new niece Amy. She even made a matching name tag and the gift was delivered beautifully wrapped. To me it was clear that she loves what she does and she gives every project the love and care that a handmade product deserves.

So when she contacted me to make her an Etsy banner because she was starting the American adventure I asked her to be a part of this series. It's about time people outside of our little country get to know her beautiful baby products made with love!

1. What was the reason that you ever started this little business?

 Made By Charli's was born out of a hobby. I already made baby shower gifts for friends, family and neighbours and because their reactions where so nice I decided to take it to the next level and start selling my handmade gifts to other people. I like to receive unique or handmade gifts for my own children, something that you cannot buy on every street corner. That was definitely a reason that made me decide to contribute to the productions of handmade, unique items for babies and toddlers myself. Products that are made with love and care are just perfect for a baby or toddler room.

2. All your items are made with a sewing machine. Is sewing something you learned through a course or did it just come natural to you?

I use my sewing/embroidery machine on a daily basis. I never followed any kind of course for it though. One day I just started and it turned out that I had feeling for it.

3. What can people expect when they order something from Made By Charli's?

All products are made with love and care. And I make sure to wrap it up beautifully, whether the gift is meant for the person that orders it, or for a friend or relative of them. It's just nice to unwrap something that looks beautiful and festive. I also add a personal note to each and every product I make. 

4. Which products will you sell through your Etsy shop?

In my Etsy shop I will sell baby music boxes, baby play cords for strollers and other personalized baby gifts and products. All of it will of course be handmade with love!

5. Your Etsy adventure may be a new one, but you've been an entrepreneur in the Netherlands for quite some time now. Do you have any tips for other people that are thinking about starting their own little business or that have just started?

I sure have some tips for them. Be original! You don't have to re-invent the wheel, but please don't be a copycat. Trust your own creativity. And above all try to persevere and stay positive! Having your own little business and webshop, whether that is on Etsy or another platform, takes a lot of time. It can almost be a fulltime job, especially when you want to turn it into a success! So you have to be willing to put in the effort and time for it.

I'm so happy that Charlinde wanted to share her story on my blog. So if you are looking for a unique, handmade gift for a baby shower or for your own little one, be sure to check out her shop filled with awesome products! You can find Made By Charli's over here: