March 6, 2015

Freebie Fridays #45 - Media Sheets for Blogs

Since I had quite a busy week I decided to go for the easy route again on this episode of Freebie Fridays and use a design that I already made a while back. Up until recently I offered so called Media Kits for blogs and websites in my Etsy shop. A media kit is basically a resume of your website's/blog's statistics with some other interesting info added to give potential sponsors an idea of what to expect when they sponsor you or start a collaboration with you.

Last Monday I wrote a post on setting boundaries in business, and one of the boundaries I'm setting right now for myself is to take a good look at which items are hot and which are not in the shops. I decided to start removing the services and items that are not so popular. And media kits were not as wanted as custom logos and blogger designs, so the choice was easily made.

But it would be a waste of work and time if I just threw the designs away, so today I'm sharing this teal colored premade media kit with you.

After downloading the kit below you will be able to add text to the kit. So you can add your blog/website statistics, a little about yourself, just whatever you want your potential sponsors to know. I also added a PDF sheet with instructions on adding text to it and on using the font I used for the demo sheet. So you're all set to go.

After filling in the media kit sheet and saving it, you can upload it as an image to the sponsor/advertising page on your blog and make that professional impression! Happy weekend!

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