March 18, 2015

Excited to announce this new project! - Share The Blog Love

Hi everyone! I skipped my usual post on Monday due to lack of time, but I'm back today with a message that will probably make up for that skipped post ;-)

For a long time I've been thinking about starting some kind of project to help out people who want to start a blog, but don't have the funds for a designer layout. Of course Blogger offers free templates as well when you start a blog, so if you have a computer and an internet connection, you can have a blog for free on the Blogger platform. That's awesome if you ask me.

I'm very fortunate to live in The Netherlands, a country where all citizens are allowed to speak their minds and to agree or disagree with one another. We have freedom of speech and thought, and with that comes the freedom to express those thoughts in multiple ways. Blogging being one of them. 

As a blogger myself, I know how much a blog can act as a journal, where you vent your thoughts and feelings, and how that can make you grow as a person. And how someone else's blog can be an inspiration or make us think about a subject.

The content of a blog is an expression of the blogger and so should the layout be. And that's why the Blogger layouts don't always match with the visions we have for our blogs, even though they are free.

For the people that have a little (or a lot) of money to spend, Etsy is packed with designers that sell their Blogger designs. I'm one of those sellers and really appreciate the clients that buy the designs I make with love. But I also know that not everyone is in the position to pay $29 for one of my designs. A blog is not life's first necessity, so if you're on a tight budget you'd better spend that budget on healthy foods for the family than on a blog layout. And if you're a teenager with the dream of becoming the next big fashion blogger, but your monthly allowance doesn't cover a $29 blog design, what do you do?

For those people (and of course everyone else interested) I'm starting my new project this upcoming Friday: the Share The Blog Love Project in which I will share free downloadable Blogger designs. The designs will be a little more simple than the ones I sell in my Etsy store, but they will definitely cover all the beautiful basics to make it special. All designs will cover the following:

* a header & tagline that will adjust itself automatically to your title and tagline after installation
* a custom made menubar to which you can easily add the pages of your choice
* custom made sidebar titles - any new gadget that is uploaded in the sidebar and given a title will be displayed in the same style
* custom made sidebar with the following gadgets: custom made subscription box, custom made search box & archive list
* custom made footer under each post with a share icon that allows your readers to share your blog posts on over 250 different social pages

The designs will have to be installed by yourself, but instructions for this will be given, and of course I have a page on this website full of Blogger tutorials that will get you on your way with the Blogger platform.

So make sure you don't miss this Friday's post in which I will share the first free Blogger design!


  1. Daphne,
    There is something in the air because I have been thinking about sharing the love. Cheers to you and a wonderful idea.

    To your success,


  2. Hi Daphne,
    Great idea. I too have been thinking of ways to share the blog love because we all know life is better when we share.

    To your success,