March 11, 2015

Blogger's Label & Category Gadget

In my previous post I talked about how you can create a page on your menu bar that links to all the posts of a certain label. If you are struggling with the definition of pages and labels, I suggest you read that post first before diving into this one.

As I already wrote in that last post, the option to create a page for one particular label in the menu bar is a great idea when you want to highlight a few very important labels to your readers, or when you only use a couple of labels throughout your entire blog. But most bloggers that use the label option have far more labels than that. And your menu bar will probably look awful when you try to put all those labels up as pages on there. So for the label-holics amongst us Blogger has a really nice and easy gadget to give our readers the opportunity to view all posts per label.

It's the Label gadget and you can find it in the list of gadgets for your sidebar that Blogger offers. So let's take a look at it. You have a blog, you have labels connected to your posts and now you want to show those labels somewhere where your readers can easily click on them and see all of them. This is how you do it:

* Go to the Blogger Dashboard
* Select option 'Layout' 
* Now you are in the layout screen, you look for your sidebar, which is probably the column of small blocks.
* Click on the 'Add gadget' option and a screen full of options pops up

* In the list of Basic gadgets you select the Label gadget

* A new screen will pop up that gives you certain options on the layout of this gadget
* You can choose here if you want to add all the labels your use, in alphabetical or random order and if you want them displayed in a list layout or a cloud layout. Make your choices and save the gadget.

* Your labels are now visible in the sidebar and in the image below you can see the difference between the list style and the cloud style. The could style might be a good option if you have a ton of labels to show, otherwise your sidebar will go on forever ;-)

Whenever a reader clicks on one of the labels in the gadget they will be directed to a page that shows all the posts with that label. It's a great way of giving your blog some structure and providing your readers with a little service!

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