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The Grab-My-Button Tool you've been waiting for!

February 18, 2015

In my last post on Monday I talked about my experiences with sidebar advertising and the option to do a blog ad swap with other bloggers. This basically means that you put up your blog ad in their sidebar and the other blogger puts their ad in your blog's sidebar.

To make it easier for people to get a nice advertising button from you plus the correct coding that is needed to install your advertisement button in their sidebar you can upload a great gadget to the sidebar of your own blog. And that gadget is called the 'Grab-My-Button' gadget.

While there are multiple forms of coding to be found on Google to install such a grab-my-button widget in your sidebar I recently came across one that is just awesome.

The coding for this beautiful widget has been made by Mary Mosley from GitHub and you can find her brilliant grab-my-button tool over here: The Grab Button Builder.

So how does this work? Well, relatively easy. The only thing you have to do is make yourself a button image and follow the instructions on the button builder tool. I've made my own grab button for my personal blog and this is how it looked when I filled out the Grab Button Builder form:

Here you first have to fill in the image URL. Images are only clickable on a website when they are stored somewhere online. You can't just upload an image from your computer into a gadget and then expect it to be interactive. So you will have to upload your button image first to an online place. You can do this at an online storage place like Flickr or Photobucket. These storage sites will automatically give your image an online link which you will have to paste into the Image URL box.

Then you fill in the URL to your own blog, your blog name, the width and height of the image and you check off the box that will open a new window when people click on your button. Then click 'submit'.

Upon submitting your data your button image plus the coding underneath will show up in box 2. This is how it will look in your sidebar. The coding underneath your button image is the HTML code that your readers can copy and paste into their own sidebar to make your button visible and clickable on there.

In this box you will find the coding you need to copy and paste into an HTML-gadget on your own blog. This will make your button plus the coding underneath visible in your sidebar.

Once you've installed the Grab-My-Button gadget in your sidebar it will look like this:

I decided to make my button 200x200 pixels in size. That has a reason. Most blogs have a sidebar of at least 200 pixels wide or wider, so you want to make a button that will fit most sidebars. If you create a button that is 300 pixels wide, chances are that bloggers with a narrower sidebar won't grab your button because it will make their sidebar look messy and ugly.

So be creative and make a cute button for your blog and use the Grab Button Builder to do the rest for you!


  1. Super helpful post, Daphne! I just used the builder and put it on my blog!

    1. Great Jayden! Happy to hear that my tips are useful!

  2. Do people actually take the button? What reason is there for another blogger to use it? :)

    1. Hi Alinta, I don't think many bloggers will take your button to put it in their sidebar, but if you both agree on doing an ad-swap on the your blogs it's an easy way for them to grab and install your button in their sidebar (with working links and all).