Feathers, Vacation & a Second Etsy Shop!

As I mentioned in yesterdays Freebie Friday Post I'm about to,pack my bags to go on a little family vacation.

Freebie Fridays #17 - Digital Stamp Clipart Images

Today I've enclosed the download link to a set of digital stamp images which can be used for digital scrapbooking, photo decoration, card making or to upload them to a blog or website as a decoration of some sort.

Smeared Paint Social Icons

How To Install A Blogger Template - Tutorial

This tutorial is for the people that purchased a Premade Blogger Template in my Etsy shop and for everyone else who wants to know how to install a Blogger template on a Blogger blog.

Etsy Shop Banners & Avatars

Add Text To Images With Photoscape - Tutorial

Hi there! It's been a while since I wrote a proper tutorial for this blog. So it's about time to change that and add another one to the tutorial & design page.

Freebie Fridays #16 - Social Media Flower Banners

And again a set of social media icons for Freebie Friday. This time in the shape of text with a flower.

Freebie Fridays #15 - Ribbons & Bows

This Freebie is another one out of  a set that I sold on Etsy, but alas, the selling wasn't a success. Well, these things happens and the bright side of it is that I can now offer it to my readers as a freebie.

Premade Blogger Templates - A New Adventure

I am as excited about this project as I am anxious to find out how it will all work out. From today I will be selling some Premade Blogger Templates in my Etsy store.

I know there are tons and tons of people doing the exactly same thing on Etsy so I thought about a way of standing out of the crowd and I hope it's going to work out.

While most sellers only sell you the template file which you then have to install yourself, or they let you buy an add-on if you want them to install it for you, I decided to go for the all-in-on-package. 

That means that if you buy a template from my shop I will do the full installation of the template on your blogger account, but I also take care of installing your social media icons, I install your customized header and I install a customized welcome picture in the sidebar. That way the only thing the buyer has to do is start writing the first post.

Of course you will still have the opportunity to change quite a few things in the template, like fonts, font colors, background colors etc.


* free installation
* a customized header
* a customized welcome picture
* 7 matching social media icons
* a matching share button in the footer of each post

In order to install it all for you I will need some data first, which is all explained on Etsy.

If you want to see these Blogger templates in action, then visit the following websites:

I think I will add more templates over the upcoming months, but for now I'll use these first 4 to see if the concept of a template and installation works!

Custom Blog Post Signatures

Two More Paper Sets

Freebie Fridays #14 - Floral Borders

Almost weekend again! That means it's time to share the weekly freebie! This time I came up with a set of 12 floral borders.

Butterfly Clipart With A Shadow

Daydreams & Discounts

Today I started a new adventure. I entered the world of blog sponsoring!