Freebie Fridays #9 - Black & Grey Social Media Icons

So far, social media icons seem to be the most popular item in my Etsy shop as well as amongst the freebies. So why not give you guys another set?

Flower Clipart In 3 Styles

A Set Of Round Summer Labels

A Wide Range In Premade Blog Headers

Premade Blog Header Instructions

The following instructions/tutorial are mainly for people who bought or want to buy one of my Premade Blog Header Packages in the Etsy Shop. But all other bloggers are more than welcome to read it too!

Freebie Fridays #8 - A Set Of White Stamps

In my Etsy shop I sell several colorful stamp sets. These stamps are fantasy shapes with no background. So you can put them over all kinds of digital images to decorate those images.

Elegant Black & Grey Social Media Icons

Colorful Curvy Banners In 3 Styles

How To Add More Fonts To Photoscape

how to add more fonts to photoscape and photoshop

Sometimes enough is just not enough. I'm not talking about chocolate here though ;-) I'm talking about fonts!

Just take a peak at a few random websites and blogs and you will notice that people like to use all kinds of fonts to express themselves. Whether those fonts are romantic, clean, playful or elegant, they give a website or project a certain feeling and experience.

Social Media Icons In Teal & Salmon

Elegant Fantasy Labels In 3 Styles

Freebie Fridays #7 - Birthday Present Clipart Images

Since this is the week of my birthday and I reached the 4.0 milestone last Wednesday, I thought it would be nice to hand out a few little presents myself. Digital presents that is...

How To Add Clipart To Digital Images - Using Photoscape

Back in February when I opened my Etsy Shop I was pleasantly surprised when I made my first sale. It didn't take me long to find out that my parents were behind it. They thought it would be nice to kick off sales for me. And that was the main reason for them to purchase one of my digital items, because after the purchase my dad asked: so what exactly is a digital decoration and how does it work?

50% OFF EVERYTHING - Because It's My Birthday!

Flower Clipart In 3 Color Styles

Digital Balloons For Birthday Cards, Invitations & More

Freebie Fridays #6 - Patterned Buttons With Border

Friday again, and that means that I'm going to share some of my digital stuff for free. I can't help but looking forward to these Fridays. I really hope I can make lots of people happy with the set of patterned buttons I made for today.

Square Labels In Painted Style

Nature's Greens Banners & Icons For Blogs

Scalloped Labels - 2 Different Sets

How To Install Social Media Icons On Blogger

installing social icons on blogger

If you've visited my Etsy shop already you might have noticed that a part of the shop is dedicated to social media icons. These icons can be installed on any blog or website and when a visitor clicks on one of these icons they will be directed to the blogger's Facebook page, Twitter account, Bloglovin' page, Google+ page etc. In a time where social media rules the world (not always fun, I'll be the first to admit) blogs and websites can't do without these icons anymore.

Freebie Fridays #5 - White Wooden Blog Kit

A small section of my Etsy shop is made up of Blog Style Kits. These kits basically contain digital items that bloggers like to use on their blogs. These items can be social media icons, but also little digital decorations to spice up a blog and a bunch of blog banners.

A Sea Shell Collection - Matching Blog Headers, Icons, Banners & Decorations