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Blogger Basics - Turn Off The Comment Option For Pages

December 1, 2014

When you're the owner of a Blogger blog you can give your readers the opportunity to write a comment underneath each post you write. And that's a great thing, because interesting discussions can evolve out of that or just nice conversations and interactions with your readers and other bloggers.

Blogger not only gives the opportunity to comment under blog posts, but also under each page you have in your menu bar. And while some bloggers might be totally fine with that, I always thought it was not adding to the cleanliness and stylishness of a blog. 

When you give people the option to comment on each post and to contact you for other things through a contact page in your menu bar, what's the point in having the comment option under each post?

Of course you're totally entitled to keep the comment option under your pages if that works for you, but if you are like me, and you like a clean blog look, there is a way to switch the comment section under pages off. Let's take a look!

When you create a new page, or when you open an already existing page you will see this on your screen:

Notice that in the right side bar there is a button called 'Options'. All you have to do, once you've created your page (gave it a title and content) is to select this button and you will see this next screen:

Now check the 'Don't allow' box under 'Readers comments'. Save it by clicking the 'Done' button and you're done! When you view your page now in the menubar it won't show a comment section anymore.

Till next time!