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Premade Blogger Templates & Full Installation

November 22, 2014

When I started the second Etsy shop I thought it was a good idea to offer Premade Blogger Templates two ways: instant download templates people had to install themselves and templates with a full installation included. In the shops of other template designers I saw that they were selling a lot of these instant download templates so I thought there would at least be a market for it. Also because in the past, before I ever became a designer myself, I bought a couple of these do-it-yourself templates on Etsy myself.

But it only took me a couple of months to realize that for some reason most of my clients seem to prefer the template package with full installation. I can't blame them, it's the most user friendly option.

An instant download template is great when you know a little about coding, just enough to tweak some little details after installation of a template. An ever returning problem with the instant download templates is the blog title and tagline. While it may look great on the demo template, it might look like sh*t on your own blog. Why? Because in the coding of the template the designer has to mention the pixel size of the title font for instance. When you have a blog with a long title, it might not look as good with that font size, while it looked amazing on the demo blog. Unless you know how to alter this in the coding or buy an add-on from the designer to do it for you, it can be rather frustrating.

Since I'm a bit of a perfectionist, I decided to quit selling the instant download templates. I might loose a bit of income on it, but on the other hand it will make me stand out as a designer. For $25 (the current price of a Premade Blogger Template & Installation) I will go the extra mile for anyone in need of a nice blogger template. The only thing you have to do is choose the template you like, give me all the info I need and I will take care of full installation on your Blogger account. Oh, and think about what to write in your next blog post of course ;-)

With offering templates plus installation I can guarantee that the end result will look perfect. Interested? Then hop on over to my Etsy shop and take a look at the Premade Blogger Template Section. Oh, and keep an eye out for next month, because then I will do a giveaway where you can win a premade template & installation!