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Freebie Fridays #29 - Watercolor Vine Blog Headers

November 7, 2014

If you're a blogger you might have come across the term NANOWRIMO which means National Novel Writing Month. In the month of November writers are encouraged to write every day and complete a novel. A lot of bloggers use this month and the event to catch up on their own writing by maybe setting a goal of writing a post each day, writing better posts, doing more research for posts, whatever. Fact is, whether you are a novel writer or a blogger, this event might just be the kick in the butt you needed to fire up your writing spirit again!

So to celebrate this lovely event I am going to share a free set of blog headers today. After all, you need a great layout to match your great content, don't you? ;-)

These blog headers are 1000x250 pixels in size and have transparent background. The vine decorations are in a sort of watercolor style, in two different shapes and each shape in three color tones: teal, green and grey.

When you download the set of header images the images will only show the decorational vines, you will have to add the blog title and an optional tagline to them yourself. This is not as hard as it may seem. All you need is a free image editing program like Photoscape to add your text. A while back I've written a tutorial on how to add text to an image with Photoscape, you can view it here:

Of course you don't have to use these images as blog headers, they are after all a form of clipart. So you can use them for digital scrapbooking, card making and digital photo decoration. Or, if you happen to be a novel writer that uses this month to complete a novel, these images will look great on the cover of a book ;-) Have fun with them!