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The Dutch Lady Designs is a small graphic design company based in The Netherlands. It specializes in colorful and feminine designs for clipart, digital backgrounds, printables & Adobe Photoshop templates. Please feel welcome to browse the website!

Full Branding Package For Bloggers & Small Business Owners

November 11, 2014

As of today I've got a new product in my Etsy shop: a Full Branding Package for bloggers and small business owners!

With a branding package you will take it one step further than with just a custom made business logo. With a branding package you can create a unique and uniform look for your blog or business on multiple platforms.

A branding package is a tool to promote your business or blog. It basically consists of a number of digital items that are designed just for you. With these digital items (logo, banners, buttons etc.) you will be able to promote your blog or business in a uniform way.

It's a step further than just a business logo. With a branding package you will be able to show off your brand and its unique look on multiple platforms and in different places. In such a way that potential clients, customers or readers will recognize your blog/business/brand easily on every platform.
The custom made branding package I design for bloggers and small business owners consists of the following digital items:

*** a unique and custom made logo - this is the basis of the package, we work on the logo first and once you are satisfied with that, we start working on the other items of the package in order to create not only a unique look for you, but also a recognizable look
*** custom made website/blog header - we will take your logo to create a header for your blog or website if you want
*** custom made banners for all your social platforms - think of Facebook, Twitter, Google+, maybe you have an Etsy shop you need a banner for that represents your brand and logo, all kinds of banners are possible here
*** custom made website buttons & avatars - you can choose up to 5 different sized buttons or avatars. Website buttons are often used to promote your blog or business on other websites, or you might want a 'grab-my-button' button for your blog, anything is possible
*** a business card (in 300 dpi JPEG file, ready for printing) in a size of your choice with the information of your choice
If you are interested in working with me on a custom made branding package, please contact me first before buying this listing.

After you've contacted me I will send you a questionnaire to fill in. With this questionnaire I can get to know you and your blog/business. With the questionnaire I hope to get your visions and dreams for your branding clear.

After I've received the filled in questionnaire back from you I will get to work on your logo first. I will make 3 draft logos for you to view. We will take it from there and see if we can take one of the draft logos to the next level by making the necessary changes to it. Once you are satisfied with your logo I will ask you to buy this listing. At that point you have had the chance to get to know me and my work a little better, which to me is important in a good working relationship.

After we've designed your logo and you've paid for the listing we will work on all the other digital items of the branding package that you need. When you are completely satisfied with the package I will then email you a zip-file with all your branding files.
This depends totally on how many changes we have to make to the design. I think that if we are able to reach out to each other on a regular basis, it should take no more than 2 weeks to complete a branding package.

In case you have any other questions about a branding package or working with me, please don't hesitate to contact me!