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Blogger Basics - Adding New Pages

October 2, 2014

Hi everyone! I will share a new tutorial with you today and I decided to start a new series of tutorials called Blogger Basics. These tutorials will especially be valuable to those who are just starting out with Blogger. I'm sure that a lot of my readers already know the basics of how to manage their Blogger blogs, but when you first start out with a Blogger blog, it can be pretty overwhelming.

If you want to start a blog just for fun or for small business purposes, you don't need to learn all there is to know about coding. If you want a nice blog layout you can always hire a designer to do it for you. But although coding knowledge isn't top priority, knowing how to manage your blog is!

And by managing I mean the basics: adding a new page to the menu bar, adding a widget to the sidebar, controlling your settings panel, writing a post and knowing how to add images etc. So these basic things will be covered in this new series, and today I'm starting out with how to add a new page to your menu bar. I've had a couple of clients lately that ordered a blog design, but basically only knew how to write a post text. So this tutorial is also to make my life a little easier, from now on I won't have to type it out in full for each client, but I can show them this tutorial! Clever huh? ;-)

So here we go! And of course we're starting this tutorial with opening the Blogger Dashboard!
On the Dashboard Panel select the 'Pages' option in the list with options on the left.

Once you are inside the Pages Menu Screen, select the option 'New Page':

On the screen that opens now you will have the opportunity to give your page a title (I named mine 'My Design'). It's best to keep the title of a page short since the title will appear in the menu bar and there is only so much space in a menu bar before it starts looking ugly because of lack of space.

You can add all the data you want your page to contain on the blank page. This can be text, images, videos and links (the menu bar on top holds all these options, when you hover your mouse button over them you will get info on each option).

Once you've added all the info and data to your page, select the button 'Publish' on the top right of the screen. Now you've created a new page:

 You have now created a page, but it if you view your blog it hasn't appeared on your menu bar yet. So that is the next step.

In the list on the left, click on the option 'Layout'. You will now go the screen that shows your blog layout in simple blocks. Look for the block/bar that says 'Pages' and click on the edit button of that block.

You are now inside your menu bar. The pages that are already on the menu bar are listed and the little box in front of them is checked off. The page you just added is already listed, but you can see that the little box hasn't been checked off yet.

By checking off this box your new page will be visible on the menu bar, but since it's the last page that is added, it will show up at the end of the menu bar, and maybe you want it on another position.

That can easily by done by dragging the last block of the column of blocks (which is the newly added page) to any position in the column. I'm dragging it to the middle position. Don't forget to click the 'Save' button!

After saving the menu bar arrangement you will come back to the layout menu. Click the 'View Blog' button on top of the screen to see if the new page has been added to your menu bar.

Your new page should appear in the menu bar now on the position that you chose for it:

I hope this tutorial was helpful and you were able to easily add a new page to your menu bar. 

Removing a page from the menu bar is pretty simple: just un-check the little box in front of the list of pages that are on the sidebar, or just remove the complete page from the 'Pages' menu on the Blogger Dashboard. With the first option the page is removed from the menu bar but is still at your disposal to put it up at a later moment. You make the choice!