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Freebie Fridays #26 - Curled Photo Frames With Drop Down Shadows

October 17, 2014

Hi my dear readers! Are you all ready for another weekend to come? I am, that's for sure! 
Don't know if it will be a quiet weekend though, my sister is about to have a baby and my little niece can be born every day now. So who knows, maybe this weekend I'm going to be an aunt again.

Of course it's these moments in life that we all want to capture on photo. And if you are one of those creatives that likes to make albums or beautiful photo cards with these precious moments captured in time, this week's freebie might just be the one for you!

This week I'm sharing 3 photo frames in .PNG file to decorate digital photos with. These frames were originally made by a designer from Pixelscrapper but were in Photoshop file. Since not everyone has the means to buy a pricey program like Adobe Photoshop I converted these files to .PNG files. Now everyone can enjoy these gorgeous frames.

After downloading the frames you might think: now what? How do I get my digital photo in one of these frames? Don't worry, with a free photo editing program like Photoscape (download it here for free) you can easily add your pictures to the frames.

A while back I wrote a tutorial on adding images to other images with Photoscape. It basically comes down to placing one image on top of another. Check out how to do this here:

If you need to resize the image first before you put it on the frame, check this tutorial:

And if you need to clip your image into a square for the square shaped frame, check this:

I hope all you digital photography lovers and scrapbookers will use these frames for your creative photography projects! Have a great weekend!