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Freebie Fridays #24 - Looking Forward To Halloween

October 3, 2014

October has begun again, and that means that the Halloween merchandise is everywhere you look. Even in our country, that isn't that familiar with this particular tradition, the shops are selling more and more Halloween stuff each year.

Although we've got plenty of Halloween candy and decorations at our disposal, there are still not that many kids going through the neighbourhood on October 31st to collect candy. It's just not that rooted in our traditions, and most people will probably raise an eyebrow when a bunch of kids show up on their door step for candy.

My kids (who are now teens) thought it was very unfair that we Dutch didn't have a Halloween celebration. So after a lot of nagging and complaining from their side I organized a small Halloween party a couple of years ago. They invited some friends over for dinner, which consisted of bloody soup (tomato) and cut off fingers (thin sausages with ketchup). After dinner we watched a few scary movies and of course we had decorated the living room with plastic spiders and rubber bats. After bowls full of very unhealthy Halloween candy, the visitors went home again and my kids could look back on their first real Halloween. No matter how much they liked the party, they still think it's very unfair that they can't go strolling through the streets in the hunt for bags full of candy though ;-)

Anyway, since the date of Halloween is coming closer and I know that a lot of the people that read this blog are from the US, I'm sharing a small set of Halloween Clipart as this week's freebie.

The set contains: 2 different pumpkins in orange and black, an orange bat and a black bat, the text Halloween in orange and black, a spider web in black and orange and a digital scrapbook paper with a spider web pattern. Make your own cards with it, decorate your Halloween pictures with it, or upload the clipart to a website to give it a Seasonal touch!

Hope to see you again next week and have a great weekend!