October 20, 2014

Tutorial - How To Add A Direct Download Link To Blogger Posts

When I started out with this blog I wasn't so sure about what kind of information I was going to share with my readers, but one thing was clear, I wanted to come up with weekly freebies for my readers. Unlike my personal blog Soul Chocolate where I share my life's stories, this design blog was set up as a service for my clients and other people interested in digital design.

Of course sharing free downloadable stuff is a nice idea, but when I wrote my first freebie post I got to the point where I actually had to upload the files for the freebies to my blog post in order for my readers to be able to download them. Oops... didn't think of that before.

Anyway, as you can see in my weekly freebies posts I've managed to find out how this works, and today I want to share this information with you in a tutorial. So here we go!


In this tutorial I will upload some clipart files to a Blogger blog post in such a way that the readers of that blog post can easily download these clipart files by clicking on the download link in the post. But of course we will start at the beginning: gathering the files we want to share and putting them into a zip-file. You can see the zip-file as a shopping bag with a zip on top so that nothing will fall out. You put your files in the bag, zip it and then hand it over to the downloader. He or she can unzip the bag and take out the files again on his/her own computer.

Let's make a zip-file for the 3 clipart images I want to share in my blog posts. Here are the 3 clipart files I am going to share:

I'm going to create a new folder to store them in. Right click on screen with your mouse and choose the options to create a new folder:

There is the new folder. Now give it a name:

After naming the folder, drag the files you want to share into the folder:

Turn the folder into a zip-file by right clicking your mouse button on it and then selecting the 'copy to' option and the 'zip folder' option:

Your zip-file is created now:


Before people can download anything from your blog post you have to upload the files somewhere online. And the place where you have to do that is Google Sites. To store your zip-file on a Google Site you have to create one first:

Go to your web browser and type in this link: https://sites.google.com

The red button on the left probably says 'Create' or 'Make' (my computer shows it in Dutch), but you need to select that red button to create a site. In the example you can see that I've already made 3 sites, so I'm now going to add a fourth by clicking the red button.

Fill in the form that appears. You have to add a title (I will call mine dutchladysite4) and then fill in the safety code at the bottom. When that's done, click the red button on top of the screen and your site will be made.


Now that you've created your site you will see the screen below. Click on the little sun shaped button in the upper right corner of the screen to open up some options.

Now click on the button that says something like 'Manage Site'.

On the left side of the screen that appears, select the button for attaching things. Mine unfortunately is in Dutch, but I guess in English it will say something like 'Attachment', 'Attach', 'Enclose' or 'Upload'.

In the next screen that opens you will see a button 'Upload' in the top left of the screen. Click that button.

Now you can browse your computer and find the zip-file you just made. Select that file and click the 'Open' or 'Upload' button on the bottom of the screen.

As you can see, the zip-file has now been uploaded to the google site. Time for the final step.


On the right of the uploaded zip-file you can see two links you can click on, in English they will probably be called 'Show' and 'Download'. Now place your mouse over the download link and click on it with your right mouse button. In the menu that appears you have to select 'copy image link location' (or a similar text, you want to copy the link to your image location).

Now that you have copied the link to the zip-file you have stored on your google site it's time to put that link in your blog post.

I already made a demonstration post and wrote the sentence that will turn into the download link:

Now select the piece of text that you want to turn into the link, click on the link button in the menu bar and paste the copied link into the screen that pops up. Save it and you're done!

When you publish your post and your readers will click on the download link they will get to see a little screen with which they will be able to download the zip-file containing the clipart images.


When the size of your zip-file is too large for uploading to the google site it will tell you. You can decide to place your files into more than one zip-file and upload these files to the google site. Of course this will require more than one link in your blog post, because one link will only direct your readers to one zip-file.

I hope this was helpful and you can now share whatever file you like with your readers!

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