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A new design

September 22, 2014

After a very busy week I finally found some time today to work on my own blog design. I figured that I needed a more professional look for my blog if I'm offering my designer services to other bloggers. Time to grow up I guess... ;-)

Although I love girly, pink and flowery blog designs, it probably suits a personal blog better than a business blog. So that's why I decided to make such a drastic change in blog layout.

I'm not finished yet, there are some minor things I still have to take care of, but they don't include drastic changes in color and appearance.

The blog layout I created has some features that can be build into other blogger layouts as well. Like the drop down menu bar at the top. Blogger doesn't have such an option within its dashboard, which is a pity. It's probably one of the reasons why some people prefer a Wordpress Blog over a Blogger Blog, because Wordpress offers this option to its users. But no worries, there are always some coding fanatics that have dealt with these issues and have written a nice coding to solve these problems. I'm really happy with my drop down menu bar, it makes it all less chaotic.

Another feature I love is the 'Related Post' Widget under all the posts. The coding for it can easily be build into the template code and the related post link images can be changed in size, color, font type, etc. 

If you would like to have a drop down menu bar or a related post widget on your Blogger blog, you can hire me to do it for you! Just contact me with your plans and I will come up with a plan of approach and a price. 

Right now I'm going to admire the new looks of The Dutch Lady (and have some dinner...).

Till soon, Daphne


  1. This is gorgeous Daphne! Stephie from Tea In Your Twenties xx

    http://teainyourtwenties.com x