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Freebie Fridays #22 - Nature Greens Blog Banners

September 12, 2014

It's been way too long again since I showed my face here on the blog. The school year has started for my two teens and although I always think that I will get a little peace and quiet once they are in school again, those first few weeks prove to be full of appointments.

Add to that a daughter with new teeth braces and a mum in the hospital for a new hip, and the blog is easily forgotten. Sorry guys!

But this week I make it up to you with a set of free blog banners. I can see that blog banners and icon freebies attract the most readers, so I hope to make a bunch of people happy with this set.

The set contains 18 different banners and an empty banner, all in 3 colors and 2 different sizes to fit multiple sidebars. Oh, and this whole set of banners is available with 2 different fonts as well! That's going to be hard to choose from ;-)

If you're not looking for just some blog banners, but are actually looking for a complete blog make-over of your Blogger blog, then please check out my Premade Blogger Templates:

And if you don't see anything you really love, then let me know your plans and I can make a custom made blogger blog for you!

Have a great weekend!